【Four Seasons of Fox Rain / Mio Namimi 】Your wife’s mouth, her secret hole, her ass, her pee hole, fresh vegetables.

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Title:Your wife’s mouth, her secret hole, her ass, her pee hole, fresh vegetables.

Maker:Four Seasons of Fox Rain / Mio Namimi

Release date:2017/11/28
Genre:marriedwoman\r\n, peepingphotos\r\n, Urination/Pee\r\n, anal\r\n, urethra\r\n, irrumatio(fellatiowhereinthemajorityofmovementisperformedbythefelatee)\r\n


(FLAC sound source included)

“Fresh vegetables in your mouth, in your secret hole, in your ass, in your pee hole.


This is a work of fiction.

Contains physically and mentally extreme content.

Please watch only if you can distinguish between reality and story.

Revised title on 12/4/2017


A housewife starts a part-time job as a vegetable tasting monitor to make ends meet.

She is then offered a slightly unusual tasting.

“What, I don’t have to eat with my mouth? Is that like… eating vegetables? What, 10,000 yen and up?

She wants money, so she takes it, if only for a little while.

◆ Character


CV: Mio Namimi

She is a little chubby and calm.

Well-bred and good-natured, but gullible.

I call my husband Papa.

I have a five-year-old boy.

Staff (Staff)

He offers her a special part-time job.

Install a hidden camera.

∞∞∞ Content Description ∞∞∞∞

This is an audio drama with voice actors’ voices.

The files will be in MP3 format, 192 kbps and FLAC sound source.

Please listen with a Firefox browser or other compatible device.

FLAC is a lossless compression technology with no information loss and no sound degradation.

Compared to MP3 sound sources, the sound quality is higher, allowing you to enjoy the voices of the voice actors more.

Sound source


◆Speech only (MP3, FLAC)

BGM+Sound Effects+Speech (MP3, FLAC)

◆Sound effects + dialogues (MP3, FLAC)

☆ Digest version

Extracted sex scenes and added a countdown voice to the climax point.


Only dialogue + countdown voice (MP3, FLAC)

BGM + sound effects + dialogue + countdown voice (MP3, FLAC)

◆Sound effects + dialogues + countdown voice (MP3, FLAC)

The file is divided into sections.

∞∞∞ Description of each track ∞∞∞∞

The recording time is based on BGM + sound effects + dialogue + countdown voice for ejaculation.

Sound source

track01 12:38
Tasting vegetables → Getting money for blow job on eggplant → Getting carried away and eating radish → Vomiting.

track02 14:56
Inserting carrot into vagina -> Trying hard to insert white radish, but can’t get it in -> Forcing it in and getting bonus.

track03 08:25
She goes to work with a cucumber in her anus, begs to take it out, but is told she will be paid more if she does her best, so she suffers and endures, then screams as it goes in and out, then pulls out the cucumber and gets paid.

track04 11:39
When she heard that 50,000 yen was offered for the insertion of burdock, she accepted, but was frightened because she did not think it would be in her urethra.

track05 03:07
A green-headed radish in the vagina, and bitter melon in the anus. The housewife is looking forward to the next one, but it looks like she’s about to be fired.

☆ Digest version

track01 04:56
Radish Deep Throating Vomiting

track07 08:43
Forced insertion of the legs

track07 04:19
Screaming cucumber discharge

track08 06:59
Insert burdock into urethra with gag

track09 01:21
Inserting bitter melon into loose anal

The trial version is a digest.

Running time Main story…50:47


This is based on the above BGM + sound effects + dialogue + ejaculation countdown voice.


(honorifics omitted)

CV: Mio Namimi


Illustration: Ryuka 1105

Logo design, scenario, script, editing, planning: Denkoku



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