【northwesterly winter wind 】Monami’s Brainwashing and Scatological Shame: The Greatest Scatological Farce of All Time Part 1 + Part 2

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Title:Monami’s Brainwashing and Scatological Shame: The Greatest Scatological Farce of All Time Part 1 + Part 2

Maker:northwesterly winter wind

Release date:2021/05/11
Genre:Maniac/pervert\r\n, insult\r\n, (givingan)enema\r\n, Shame/embarrassment\r\n, rape\r\n, peepingphotos\r\n, scatology\r\n, brainwashing\r\n


The announcer, Monami, was infected with the U virus.

In accordance with the station’s policy, they broadcast padding, fake news, and

He was abducted by Takagi, the head of the Intelligence Division, who took notice of this and kidnapped him to the Intelligence Division Headquarters.

He was subjected to all sorts of humiliation, and then he was brainwashed with physical machines.

He was driven to the brink of personality destruction, but gradually regained his senses while living naked in transparent acrylic.

In the meantime, we’re still trying to get the vaccine on Mars on our own.

The harsh and humiliating training continues, and finally the day arrives when the biggest farce in history is executed.

He used the cat to stop Monami’s car.

Making accusations, gang rape

I’m going to give you an enema, and then I’m going to give you a sack on your head.

The Joker is tied up in the back of the line and takes Monami’s car to Takagi’s.

Interrogation with full nudity and enema endurance

In the broadcast space prepared by Takaki.

The hellish life of being a publicist begins.

I’m not sure what to make of it, but I’m sure it’s worth it.

Rehearsal for the program

I’ve been working on the opening video for a while now.

be made to sing and dance

We’ve hijacked the airwaves and are broadcasting a worldwide emergency broadcast.

I’m going to be defecating at the end of the day, and I’m going to be more fake than I’ve ever been.

They’re gonna lie to you. They’re gonna lie to you.

I’ve got a fake message from the Martians.

They have an extra vaccine and want me to pick it up in two weeks.

You’ll be contacted.

I’m not sure if this is a good idea.

They’ll tell you they’ll pick it up within the time frame.

In the end, she was so disgusted by the ridiculousness of the situation that she despised Monami.

The general household audience

I’m going to ask my sister Clara to meet me tomorrow at the coordinates I’ve given her.

I was told to come and buy an android naked.

Forced to become an android.

I was given an enema in a narrow cage, naked, and plugged.

They leave it until the next day.

I’ve been working on an android (an impersonation of Monami herself).

Clara, the sister who comes to the store naked.

Monami, who has become an android, is trying to protect her sister.

He continues his desperate act, but Clara is contacted.

That model of Lloyd was found to be defective.

He asks me to bring it to a nearby maintenance shop.

The person on the other end of the line was Takagi, who Clara had never met.

The factory also stimulated Nami’s bladder.

He was peeing, but I explained that it was an oil leak.

Finally, Dr. Mad, Professor Fuwauchi’s invention.

The brainwashing system was feeding me weird signals.

Monami has a personality disorder.

◇ But this is only temporary.

It took about a week to recover, and Takagi requested

“Even if it’s an impossibly ridiculous lie.

'Believe it’ brainwashing is successful

I’m sure you’ll be able to understand what I mean.

Monami, who had a temporary personality disruption, was

He was posing with his cock on top of a runaway car.

Peeing, imitating the image of Object X, etc.

◇Clara said, “I’m doing an overhaul because I can’t fix the problem.

He said, “I’ll call you when I’m better" and left the factory.

The next day, I was in a clear acrylic case.

Monami being raised, imitating cicadas.

Caught on a pole and peed.

Dance with a banana in an unintelligible way

Seeing the Monami, the training for the bogus Mars flight

Takagi, who had given up on the idea that he wasn’t ready, used it as a shaming trick.

Defecation dance while eating a banana peel

Order the keepers to stock up on

The flight to Mars was made on a trampoline.

Several jumps, defecation spray at maximum altitude.

The momentum will carry them to Mars.

It was the biggest sham and travesty in the history of the world.

Monami was brainwashed into believing that she was going to Mars.

We need to secure 200 trillion doses of vaccine.

They made me believe that the human race was going to die, and I was forced to train.

World Emergency Broadcast again

Enema and intestinal rupture stopper for the moderator’s joker

Air and intestinal rupture stopper in that order.

The enema was inserted, and I was ordered to use light movements to blend the enema liquid into my body.

Mononami doing preparatory work

After a few jumps on the trampoline

Defecation firing in countdown format

In the end, she was so disgusted by the ridiculousness of the situation that she despised Monami.

general house audience

We’ve just exited the atmosphere and are looking at the Earth from space.

Feel the beauty of the earth and the grandeur of the universe.

It was a wave, but this is

It was a vain fantasy.

Monami was in a dazed state in the studio.

They’ll take you straight to the desert behind the compound.

He finally regained consciousness.

From the tracking drone, in Takagi’s voice.

When he was told that he had arrived at Mars, he thought that his launch had been successful.

Impressive Mononami

You will find two of Takagi’s men dressed up as Martians.

I demand that you provide 200 trillion doses of vaccine.

We couldn’t get along at all, and then we ended up in a silver Martian costume.

My men give me enemas.

I was told that there was a temporary toilet quite a distance away.

I’d run there with a stomach ache, but not before the bathroom.

Shinsuigetsu, the master of haplessness, was waiting for me.

(For more information about Core Mizuki’s sexual proclivities, please refer to the first story of Five Stories of Scatological Shame.

(There is a detailed story, and I have added this story as a bonus to the Part 1 and Part 2 sets.)

In the end, he was forced to fight against Suigetsu, a master of kungfu, without knowing why.

In the meantime, Monami has a stomachache and demands that she tell the truth.

Monami finally admits that she was wrong, and Mizuki gives her permission to use the temporary toilet.

The moment I tried to take a dump, the walls of the temporary toilet collapsed on all sides, leaving it bare.

It turned out to be a mobile toilet pulled by a golf cart driven by Mizuki.

Monami in a panic

I was in a terrible state (straddling a Japanese-style toilet, naked, and defecating).

He was taken to the city, realized his limitations in front of the citizens, and tried to defecate quietly.

Monami gives up, but then the Joker appears.

With a megaphone, he loudly reported to everyone that Monami had returned from Mars.

Get everyone’s attention.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a cart stop for lack of gas.

Heading to CMM Headquarters

The Joker is also connected to the director of the CMM.

Joker on the phone getting the station chief ready for live broadcast.

This is the first time that I’ve ever seen a woman who is completely naked straddling a Japanese toilet at the station.

I was pressed for an excuse, but I couldn’t explain it well because of the stomachache.

I was forced to say sorry to the audience and put up with the poop.

I had to read a manuscript that the Joker made.

I’m not sure what to say, but I’m going to say it.

be made to do

In addition, I have a collection of photos of myself and my sister Clara defecating and urinating.

I was forced to advertise, and 5,000 bonus video Blu-rays were sold.

It contained a ridiculous amount of video.

I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why.

Give the director some toilet paper to wipe his ass with.

Requested, but rejected as being against environmental protection

The core of the water moon is the core of a toype.

That’s how you encourage people to wipe their dirty butts.

The whole world is watching.

Monami struggles to wipe her ass with a wick.

At this point, the ratings were at an all-time high.

The next day, he was straddling the toilet bowl in a state of nude enema endurance for the sake of ratings.

放送することを視聴者に宣言be made to do
While being satisfied with the sales of over 600 million copies

Takagi and his men searching for the next target.

There’s a terrible truth…

In addition to this, there is a naked man with his hands and feet tied together at his feet.

There was a girl…

169 pages of the main story + 25 extra images (the same as those included in the second part)

Total 194 pages

To get to know the core Mizuki character as a bonus.

Past work, “Scatology, Five Stories.

I have included the first episode of “The Master of Mujo" in the package.

(31 pages of 1400×1400 JPG images and a pdf format file)

PNG and JPG included in the main version.

PDF included

All sizes are

(Only one of the extra images contains a size of 1500×848)



Reverse the lying announcer.

Brainwashing an impossibly ridiculous farce.

The basic axis of the story is to make them act and bring out their hollowness and shame.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a full-fledged story.

Many characters and pages.

I have divided it into Part 1 and Part 2.

I’ve never seen a brainwashing movie before, but I’ve seen a lot of haplessness and scatological shame.

I introduced it as a means to an end.

To maintain a cheerful atmosphere

The brainwashing is supposed to be temporary.

It is recommended for those who like to see women in misery and shame.

This work is

Monami’s Brainwashing and Scatological Shame: The Greatest Scatological Farce of All Time, Part 1 (RJ327141)

Monami’s Brainwashing and Scatological Shame: The Greatest Scatological Farce of All Time, Part 2 (RJ327142)

「スカトロ羞恥 5つの物語 (RJ281600)」と一部contents


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