【Team Randoseru / Akinka Kotobuki】Energizing Earworm Voice Alpha

[Ranking]24 Hours:#9, 7 Days:#43, 30 Days:#81
Title:Energizing Earworm Voice Alpha
Maker:Team Randoseru / Akinka Kotobuki
Release date:2017/11/20
Genre:Healing, sister, earcandling

[work concept]
A soothing voice reading to you, while enhancing the effects of restful sleep and relaxation.
This is an earworm voice drama that will motivate you to work and improve your mindset and self-awareness.
The reading contains a lot of material from anime and games, so even people who don’t like self-help stuff can enjoy it.

This work is not a yuri work.
If you are looking forward to yuri and purchase it every time, please be careful.

Earworm ASMR Sister Reading Healing Sleep Anime/Game Story Music Box

[special offers]
As a bonus, I’ve included a retake – unedited NG.
The reason why I made it a bonus is because the chewing part was very cute.
Rather, the extras are the main story, so I hope you’ll listen carefully.

This time, a music box is used to enhance the relaxing and healing effects.
Please feel free to choose with or without background music.

Akika Kotobuki

Mr. Nametakenoko



High school student.
I like my brother who is kind in some way and tries to cheer me up when I’m depressed.
Two years ago, I lost one parent and came to live in my brother’s apartment who was working as a professional.

-main story 48:22
-Main story (Ver without BGM) 48:22
-NG collection (reading version) 46:15
-NG collection (reading + earworm version)46:15


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