【Miu Iesofu To Hasu】Shikigami sex life -Eccentric sex life with shikigami

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Title:Shikigami sex life -Eccentric sex life with shikigami
Maker:Miu Iesofu To Hasu
Release date:2017/11/23
Genre:lewdwords, bitch, harem, Creampie, Masturbation, Lewd

Aim! Shikigami Dream Harem!

A slapstick erotic comedy ADV where a half-human yin-yang master aims for a shikigami dream harem while having sex with fox girls and demon girls.

10 H scenes in total
16 CGs in total (237 CGs including differences)
Full voice except for the main character.

Play time: about 4 hours

In this world, there are non-human beings called [Ayakashi].
They usually live in a world called the [Youkai], but sometimes they come to the world where people live in search of the life that people have.

There are two ways in which they obtain life energy from people.
The first is to attack people and steal their life force.
They can make a contract with a powerful person to share their life force with them.

The first type of demon is called an [evil spirit] and is feared by people.
The latter type of demon is called a shikigami, and fights alongside the contractor to protect the people.

The latter are called [shikigami] and fight with their contractors to protect people.

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It’s a good idea to have your own shikigami.

You can’t make a contract with a shikigami, let alone handle the jutsu properly.

He can’t even fight evil spirits properly, but when he goes out on the streets, he is taunted by evil spirits who seek his life like ducklings.

The reason why he yearns to have a shikigami is partly because he wants to have the power to protect people, but that is not the main reason.

I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why.

For Rintaro, having a shikigami is a lifelong goal worthy of his life!

This is an erotic comedy about a half-human Onmyoji who aims to create a dream harem of shikigami.

Main character

-Rintaro Nagatatsu

Main characterにして妖フェチの半人前陰陽師。

He’s been training day and night to form a shikigami dream harem, but he still can’t use proper Yin-Yang techniques.
Her childhood friend and boss, Kiyoka Tendo, doesn’t let her help with any of the Yin-Yang duties, and Kiyoka tells her to take care of all the housework.

It’s a good idea to have a good idea of what you’re looking for.
Because of this, she is very skilled at housework, especially when it comes to cooking.

She spends most of the year in a peach-colored state of mind, and when she realizes that her thoughts are directly connected to eroticism, Seika chastises her every time a desire escapes her mouth.

Character Introduction 1

  • 式神性活 ~式神たちとのえっちな性活~ [みう家そふとはうす]

    -Kiyoka Tendo
    CV: Shichipo
    [I don’t care how Rintaro’s underwear is humiliated, but please don’t touch mine.]

    A genius yin-yang master who rose to the top ranks of the yin-yang agency at a young age.

    He is a childhood friend of Rintaro, and chastises him when Rintaro makes erotic comments.
    Basically, he is a good person, but sometimes he makes mistakes.

  • 式神性活 ~式神たちとのえっちな性活~ [みう家そふとはうす]

    CV:Aoi Kasumizuki
    I am Koyo, the demon of the nine tails. I look forward to working with you from now on, my Lord.]

    The nine-tailed demon is one of the top demons in the world, and can control flames.

    She’s usually an aloof, erotic older sister, but she’s pretty good at taking care of people.

    Since becoming a shikigami, she often takes walks in the city.

  • 式神性活 ~式神たちとのえっちな性活~ [みう家そふとはうす]

    CV:Hano Amane
    [rintaro~, keiyaku, suru]

    A demon of the Raju Heaven, one of the highest classes of demons

    She’s a girl in a box with a genuine culture. She doesn’t say much and spends her days at her own pace, but she’s always paying attention to what’s going on around her.
    I love to drink, and I drink a lot during the day, but I rarely go under.

  • 式神性活 ~式神たちとのえっちな性活~ [みう家そふとはうす]

    CV: Yayoi Tanuki
    It’s my brother’s dinner! I’m looking forward to it!]

    A demon who is in the middle class of demons.

    This is the most common type of demon.
    This is the most common type of demon.

Character Introduction 2

  • 式神性活 ~式神たちとのえっちな性活~ [みう家そふとはうす]

    CV:Miruku Dawn
    I can’t let my Lord do this kind of work. I can’t let my Lord do this kind of work.]

    A demon who is in the middle class of demons.

    She is a firm and devoted wife type.
    The only regret I have is that he has no less erotic thoughts than Rintaro.
    In an unpredictable place, even Rintaro suddenly turns on the erotic switch and begins to fantasize about going into heat.

  • 式神性活 ~式神たちとのえっちな性活~ [みう家そふとはうす]

    CV:Yayoi Mizuno
    [You and I are enemies, you and I. It’s just a kill or be killed relationship.]

    A demon of the Misty Dragon who is in the same upper class as Huayang.

    Despite her masculine tone, she is a pure-hearted girl and is not immune to sex.

    She has a strong grudge against Kiyoka.


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