【Mahou Kobo / Dong Ai】Gun Master Training 2&3 Basic Shooting & Marking -Magic Shot Basic Training -Advanced Sighting Techniques Marking-.

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Title:Gun Master Training 2&3 Basic Shooting & Marking -Magic Shot Basic Training -Advanced Sighting Techniques Marking-.
Maker:Mahou Kobo / Dong Ai
Release date:2017/11/19
Genre:Seriesofproducts, Girl, MagicalGirl, Wizard/Witch, Occult, Magic

Gun Master -GUN MASTER

Magic training with specialization in shooting
Basic Shooting & Marking (Basic Shooting & Marking)
-Magic Shot Basic Training – Advanced Sighting Techniques Marking

Gun Master] is an emission-based magic training that specializes in long range techniques and shooting.
Volume 2 will be two days of shooting training where you will learn to improve your marksmanship bottom line and advanced sighting techniques.

Gun Master is a magical training that specializes in emission and long range shooting techniques.
Volume 2 is over 86 minutes of content.
The contents of Shooting Lesson 2 [Basic Shooting] and
In the second volume, you will learn the contents of Shooting Lesson 2, Basic Shooting, and Shooting Lesson 3, Marking Techniques, in two days.

-In this lesson, you will learn how to use a gun, bow, or any other weapon with the ability to lock on to an object with your consciousness and increase your accuracy.
In Volume 2, you will further increase your efficiency by learning basic shooting, which will improve your basic shooting skills.

-Marking techniques allow you to sight in targets quickly and will be useful in the application of all ejection techniques.

To learn Gun Master Volume 2, please visit
The Magic Shot (Introduction to Wizardry 2, Volume 1) is a prerequisite for mastery.

Series Flow
Gun Master is
In Volume 1, we will train the line of sight to improve accuracy.
In Volume 2, you will learn how to improve your shooting technique with basic shooting and instant target marking.
The third volume will be a three-volume series that will cover advanced shooting techniques.

Main Menu Flow


-Training 1 Basic Shooting
-Review of previous session
-Will Line
-Magic Shot
-Multiple targets
-Shooting Training

-Training 2 Marking
-Marking Meaning
-Making a mark
-make a mark
-Put up multiple marks
-Familiarize yourself with marking
-Fast typing with marking


Content of the work(Total recording time 1:26:24)
-01 Gun Master Volume 2 Drama (6:43)
-02 Eye Catch 1(0:10)
-03Gun Master Volume 2 Lecture (2:21)
-04 Eye Catch 2 (0:10)
-05Gun Master Volume 2 Basic Shooting Training(31:16)
-06Gun Master Volume 2 Marking Training (35:29)
-07 Eye Catch 3 (0:10)
-08Gun Master Volume 2 Summary(9:52)
-09 extra eye-catching drafts (0:10)

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This work is part of the Introduction to Wizardry series.
The story takes place in the same worldview as the

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This work is not a hypnosis sound source.
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Annie CV:Ai Azuma

Shooter’s brother CV:Baba Ten

Illustration:Asaki Shiki

Scriptwriting, sound editing, sound effects: Windress

Production: Maho Kobo


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