【Wisteria Sound / Yuna Hazakura】Hot spring sleepover

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Title:Hot spring sleepover
Maker:Wisteria Sound / Yuna Hazakura
Release date:2017/11/19
Genre:Healing, lovelove/amama, lovey-dovey, firsttime


Would you like to heal your mind and body after a long day at work with a date with her?


The second original voice drama from the doujin circle [Fujinoe].
[hot spring sleepover].

-This work is recommended for ages 15 and up.
-Since there is whispering in the ear, we recommend using headphones or earphones.

Main story synopsis
Let’s say the title call cheerfully!

02:[Meeting up](3:36)
My first sleepover date with my girlfriend.
You’re late for your date and now you’re in trouble!
What’s going to happen to your date with her?

03:[In the car](5:16)
Get in the car and go to your destination.
She’s excited about her first sleepover date.
She seems to have done a lot of preliminary research and is talking happily.

Arriving at our destination! From here, it’s time to take a walk.
It looks like she’s going to confidently show you the way.

05:[Park, and beyond](2:56)
After a short walk, we arrive at a quiet park.
It’s starting to feel a little bit better, a little bit better, don’t you think?

06:[Shrine – Manju – Footbath](6:02)
Now that we’ve paid our respects at the sacred shrine, it’s time to head to the inn.
I want to buy some buns and eat them on the way.
Oh? I found a footbath! It’s so refreshing!

You arrive at the ryokan. You’re in love with the landlady.
You’re not sure what to do.

You relax after a hard day’s work in a hot spring.
You think it’s a shame it’s not mixed bathing, but then you hear her voice!

Well, that was a nice hot bath!
After the hot spring, we had dinner! She seemed satisfied, and I was kind of happy.

10:[Open-air bath](4:38)
She secretly reserved a private outdoor bath.
I’m sure you’ve heard of it.
She invites you to join her, looking very shy.

I’d like to have a drink before I go to bed. Cheers!
She got a little drunk.
[sleep with me].
I’m getting kind of nervous.

How was your sleepover date with her?
Good luck with your work tomorrow!

声の出演:葉桜佑奈 http://hazakuran.web.fc2.com/
シナリオ:羽央えり https://twitter.com/wao_eri
イラスト:yamy http://aoiillust.html.xdomain.jp/index.html
音楽、編集、その他諸々:ふじきゅん http://fjks.web.fc2.com/

Royalty-free BGM included.
Royalty-free BGM is included in this work.
Purchasers may freely use the music included within the scope of the terms of use.

Running time: 66 minutes (main story: 42 minutes, royalty-free BGM: 24 minutes)


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