【Super Palette/Kotomi Kagura】Ear Licking Therapy to Feel Deeper [Binaural].

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#2, 30 Days:#5
Title:Ear Licking Therapy to Feel Deeper [Binaural].
Maker:Super Palette/Kotomi Kagura
Release date:2017/12/02
Genre:Healing, Binaural/Damihe, earcandling, LoveLoveLove/Amaha, Titties, earlicking

Ear licking-ear scratching-ear massage that makes your ears melt and your tongue twirl sticky deep inside.
This is a great way to get your ears licked while you are having sex.
Please feel the naughty warmth and healing that Mio, a healing therapist, brings to you.

Contains plenty of pampering elements with an emphasis on the ears.
Being gently licked around the ears.
A dense ear licking where the tongue and breath reach deep into the hole.

An extra track where the deepest parts of both ears are licked.

Track List

Track 1 Ear Massage – Relaxing with Ear Licking (Ear Oil Massage/Ear Licking) 21:30

I’m going to be more embarrassed and nervous than before because our faces will be facing each other.

I will gently massage your ears with aromatherapy – ear scratching.
I’ll give you an aromatic massage and scratch your ears.

Track 2 I want to unravel your body and soul (ear licking / nipple playing)39:02

Do you feel it deep inside you? I can feel my body reacting to your touch. Does that mean it feels good?

I’ve been doing this for a while now, and I’m really enjoying it.
Feel the warmth of her tongue and breath, the numbing warmth of her ear.

Track 3 I will heal you tenderly with my mouth, hands and tits (blowjob/handjob/testicle licking/piezuri)19:14

“I repeatedly opened and closed my mouth and the clear juice started to flow out.

[I’m so happy that my tits are making you feel good].

I will heal you with my mouth, hands, and tits while whispering naughty words to you.
While you are being made to feel good with my hands, you will of course be given a deep ear lick.

Track 4 I will help you with masturbation (masturbation instruction/footjob) 14:28

“Do you get more excited when you’re being watched…it’s okay? Just be honest about your pleasure for now.

I’d like to know more about how you’re feeling.
He asks to watch you masturbate.

It’s a sweet, melting, slightly nasty masturbation instruction.

They will help you to feel good.

Track 5: Sweet sex and lots of healing 20:52

[I’m glad. I’m glad we can be one, hugging like this]
[I can feel your cock getting hotter and hotter. I can feel your cock getting hotter and hotter, and it’s getting bigger and bigger as it twitches and jerks.]

I can’t help but want to feel you, and Mio is in a position to hug you.
It will make your body and mind feel good.
The ear lick will also reach deeper than ever before.
It’s a sweet and naughty moment while being told you like it in your ear.

Track 6 Epilogue 2:01

Extra track
Binaural lick-only track20:27


Recording time: 2 hours 17 minutes 34 seconds

File Format:WAV(48kHz/24bit)-MP3(320kbps)
Track 3, 4, and 5 are included in two versions: one with sound effects and one without.

Package illustration (with/without logo/jpg-1280*960)

CV:Kotomi Kagura

Scenario:Mei Tsukinomiya – Yui Hanayagi

Illustration: Rokka

Planning:Super Palette


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