【Shou Nova / Asaki Shiki】I’m a ghost, but–I’m so whipped, I can get in there, can’t I?

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Title:I’m a ghost, but–I’m so whipped, I can get in there, can’t I?
Maker:Shou Nova / Asaki Shiki
Release date:2017/11/22
Genre:Nakadashi, paizuri, Fellatio, Verbalabuse, Urination/Peeing, Ejaculationinthemouth

–midnight. Strangely uncomfortable to sleep–.
The second hand on the clock is bothering me, as well as the sound of the door opening.


I think I see a white shadow…

Details of the recorded audio
File name (Play time) Play content

Track1_Horror! –The Curse of the Ghost wav (12:55) Blowjob/Hand Job

Track2_I didn’t mean it like this–wav (12:04) Titjob/PieFucking

Track3_I’ve come to play wav (10:06) Bare thighs/insertion

Track4_The ghost’s bathroom wav (10:30) Manhandling (with urination)/Inserting (with urination)

Track5_I’m begging you–? wav (10:40) Insertion in the back / standing on one leg

Track6_The Apprentice Ghost wav (12:46) Cunnilingus (with urination)/Insertion
This is the first time I’ve done this.

Total play time : 1 hour 9 minutes
There is a SE difference separately.

CV:Asaki Shiki
Illustration: Sora


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