【Dai N Honpo】Touhou Shoujo Kishou Tan

[Ranking]24 Hours:#2, 7 Days:#7, 30 Days:#29, Annual:#193
Title:Touhou Shoujo Kishou Tan
Maker:Dai N Honpo
Release date:2017/11/18

A pseudo-3D action RPG with a focus on running, flying, jumping, and shooting your way through a quarter-view fantasy land drawn with dots!

Use dashes and jumps to dodge enemies in your way, or use shots to take them down from afar!
A command battle that combines action elements with contact with enemies!
Fight efficiently by pressing buttons at the right time and building up your strength!
Reimu Hakurei and her friends(?) You’ll be able to take control of Reimu Hakurei and her fellow (?) girls, and create a fantastic drama that takes place in a boxy garden-like fantasy land!

You can control eight characters: Reimu Hakurei, Koishi Komeiji, Tenko Hinanai, Sakuya Jurokuyo, Murasaki Yakumo, Suzusen-Yuugorikain-Inaba, Nitori Kawashiro, and Doremi-Sweet!
Each of them will fight with their own unique weapons and techniques!

The game runs on my 9 year old laptop with an athlon 2 p320 CPU, so I’m sure it will run fine on a modern laptop. You can switch to full screen mode to make it a little lighter.

5/15/2019 Fixed bugs reported by users and newly discovered bugs.
More details can be found in the blog and the included update history. Currently the version is 123.
If you’ve played Muji to 122, please re-download them if possible. You can still use your previous save data.
Please make sure to back up your data, as there is a possibility of glitches!

11/30/2017 Trial version is now available!
We’ve made it so that you can enjoy the game just by controlling Reimu and her friends as they run, jump, and shoot around the fantasy land, and we’ve paid great attention to the controls, so please try it out!

The save data from the demo version can be used in the finished version, but the demo version is not guaranteed by DLsite, so please understand that the demo version is only for testing purposes.


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同人誌、同人ゲーム、同人ソフトのダウンロードショップ - DLsite


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