【Manger】Pure princess’s special training to improve early ejaculation

[Ranking]24 Hours:#13, 7 Days:#23, 30 Days:#72
Title:Pure princess’s special training to improve early ejaculation
Release date:2017/11/18
Genre:Queen/princess, lovey-dovey/awesomeness, fantasy, HandJob, Titties, malepenetration

After defeating the demon king and safely rescuing the princess, the hero is invited to the castle for the wedding ceremony with the princess.
In the event that you’ve got a lot of money, you’re going to need to be able to pay for it.
But the brave man is extremely premature ejaculation
In order to overcome the premature ejaculation of the brave man, the days of special training with the princess began.

I recommend this game.
This is a great game for those who want to have their penis gently bullied by a pure and cute princess.
I’m a dominant, but I don’t want to be hurt or cursed!
For M-men who want to be attacked in a passionate way! For M-men who want to be aggressively attacked.
More glans and handjobs.
Completely male dominated, no inversion.

I’ve been training for a long time.
Day 1
I was washing the brave man’s penis, and suddenly a white liquid came pouring out…

I don’t know what it is… but it’s sticky.

Day 2
I’m going to massage the brave man’s body to relieve the fatigue of travel.
Oh? Your penis seems to be very stiff, so I’ll rub it for you.

Day 3
I’m going to use my hands to rub my cock a lot to improve my premature ejaculation.
Don’t ejaculate too soon, my brave friend!
Day 4
I’m keeping my gloves on today at the request of the brave.
The silk gloves seem to be very slippery
Day 5
The brave man seems to be very interested in my breasts
I’m very embarrassed, but today I’m going to use my boobs to tease your penis.
Day 6
I’m a virgin, and I’m trying to get the brave heroes to get used to women, so I’m going to put my ass on the brave heroes face.
You can’t lick my penis without permission…it’s a penis slap!

Day 7
I’ve been working on this for a while now, and I’m really enjoying it.
I’ll tease the turtle with my hands and brushes, squeezing it between my thighs and only its head showing.

Day 8
Milking a cow in town today.
Please be brave enough to be a cow and get milked by a female passerby!
Day 9
This is the first time I’ve ever seen this video.
I’m going to be a mom today and heal you.
Day 10
I’m going to finish my training with a slime that feeds on semen.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a slime with a penis.

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