【Higanbana and the mute girl. / Yuzumo】Would you like to be healed in a maiden’s mansion? ~The girl vampire princess’s tatami room game

[Ranking]24 Hours:#4, 7 Days:#6, 30 Days:#21
Title:Would you like to be healed in a maiden’s mansion? ~The girl vampire princess’s tatami room game
Maker:Higanbana and the mute girl. / Yuzumo
Release date:2017/11/18
Genre:Moe, healing, Girl, Monster, Kimono/Japaneseclothes, earbuds


[Please help us donate blood…]

You are walking through the countryside when you are approached by a girl with pink hair.
You are invited to the blood donation room by the girl.

However, you fell asleep in the middle of donating blood and found yourself in a familiar place.

[My name is Lilim Vlad Sakyu Pink Rose. I’m a princess in a maiden house–a vampire princess.]

The pink-haired girl was, apparently, a vampire.
Then you will be entertained at the Maiden House for a while as a thank you for donating blood.

A strange and special hospitality by a blood-sucking princess.
Please enjoy this slightly stimulating earworm work!

* * *

This work is divided into a nurse situation and a vampire princess situation.
In the Otome mansion part, there is a blood sucking scene from the ear.
At the end, there is an original nursery story (fairy tale).
This ear-sucking work is recommended for those who want to detox from the fatigue of daily life.

This is a work on the theme of healing.
Wear headphones or earphones.
Please wear headphones or earphones and watch in a relaxing space.

*The full story*.
[Please help us donate blood].

01_When you walk into the blood donation room
02_Weird nurse’s explanation
03_Blood donation comes with the bonus of an earpiece!
[Maiden House–Bloodsucking Room]

04_The nurse is a bloodsucking princess
05. You can thank me for the blood with a hug
06. The princess who sleeps with you
07. Holy water and cross
[Maiden’s mansion–Rose room]

08_The earwax princess who lives in the old castle
09_The ear-sucking demon with skillful technique
10. Cradle of a princess
[After Story]

11_To the original world
12_Vampire Nursery Story

Total playing time: about 2 hours and 35 minutes (+22 minutes of diff)
The file is mp3(441khz/16bit).


Lilim – Vlad – Succu – Pink Rose
Also known as Lilim. A pink-haired vampire princess.
She wears kimono and entertains guests.
Her favorite thing is the blood of good people.
(Vampire princess means [vampire princess])

Pink Rose [grace][happiness].


Ms. Yuzu Moe


Mr. Holoske


Mr. Mikage

Production Higanbana and Silent Girl.
Email:ayano_amaryllis☆yahoocojp (☆→@)


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