【Studio Kannazuki】Copyright Free Material Collection Vol10 RPG Game Assumption Material 60 BGM WAV+Loop OGG

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Title:Copyright Free Material Collection Vol10 RPG Game Assumption Material 60 BGM WAV+Loop OGG
Maker:Studio Kannazuki
Release date:2017/12/07

This is a collection of original music material that can be used freely in games, applications, Youtube, etc.

This work is a collection of 3 copyright free materials Vol28, Vol29, Vol30, and 60 BGMs.

All of the songs in the collection are produced in loop specification without fade-out.

In addition, <> data for [Kirikiri], [RPG Tutool] and [WOLF RPG Editor] is available at
It can be used as a more natural looping material in those three editors.
For more information about loop OGG, please refer to the sample images.

You can use the song title to tag situations and [] to tag tunes.

Copyright Free Materials Vol28: 20 BGMs for RPGs in Doraemon style WAV+Loop OGG

02shaken by a carriage[calm][serene]
03town in the morning[calm][simple][rustic
05Expanding world[Mysterious][Magnificent]
06The Voice of Battle[Fluttering][Tense][Battle Music]
07Forest Paths[Disturbing][Suspicious]
08Lullaby of the Night[Calm][Simple]
09At church[Solemn][Healing]
10Tower in the sky[Mysterious][Strained][Tense
11Memories of the past[Calm][Simple][Simple
12Pastor’s Dream[Solemn][Calm]
13Run! [tense][urgent].
14looming darkness [disturbing][suspicious].
15The King’s Chamber[Magnificent][Bright][Light
16The Royal Courtyard[Calm][Solemn][Solemn
18 entertainment district[cheerful][flirtatious]
20Battle in the Sky[Fluttering][Intense][Battle Music]

Copyright Free Material Collection Vol29 20 BGMs for RPGs in the style of Holy 0 Legend WAV+Loop OGG

02Nostalgic hometown[Mysterious][Calm][Mysterious
03The source of magic power[Mysterious][Calm][Mysterious
04A Town[Bright][Calm]
05Hometown Furukawa[Calm][Simple]
07Pain of battle[intense][tense][battle music]
08Village of cliffs[Simple][Calm]
09Priestess’s song[Mysterious][Healing]
10The sea! fluttering][bright][cheerful
11Beyond History[Magnificent][Simple]
12wrong orbit [grand][nervous].
13magical city Kuki[bright][calm].
15Songs of the Melancholy Gang[Suspicious][Disturbing]
16Intersecting thoughts[Tense][Tension][Tension
17On the reflection[groove][intense][battle song]
18Truth’s whereabouts[simple][calm].
20Brilliance of tears[Mysterious][Magnificent].

Copyright Free Material Vol30 F0 style RPG material 20 BGM WAV+Loop OGG

02Ashio Copper Mine[Calm][Suspicious]
03normal battle[intense][tense][battle music].
04Edogawa, Shinshu’s theme[brave][tense].
05Mage Maozuka[Comical][Suspicious]
07flame theme[Japanese][mysterious]
09beast path[Simple][Fluttering]
10Fang King’s Theme[Calm][Healing]
11Serika’s Theme[Mysterious][Sadness]
12Boss Battle[Intense][Tense][Battle Music]
13Rina’s Theme[Brave][Epic]
14The fork in the road of destiny[Sad][Calm][Calm
15Slum Street[Suspicious][Flirtatious]
17 John Cookpad [flirtatious][bright].
18 airship poker [brave][epic].
19To my friends [mysterious][calm].
20Fairy frenzy[intense][tense][battle music].


We have prepared a trial version for listening. Please check out the trial version before purchasing.
There is no restriction on the use of our works for both commercial and doujin use.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
If you are using RPG Tutool MV, please note that there are cases where Japanese words are not displayed in the sound test.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Studio Kannazuki accepts requests for the production of original BGM.
If you would like to specify the details of the BGM to make it more suitable for your game scene, please contact us at
If you are looking for a higher grade of BGM, please consider us.

Studio Kannazuki
Email: info@studiokannazuki.com
Twitter: @studiokannazuki


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