【Studio Nase】Primera’s Curiosity

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#6, 30 Days:#23
Title:Primera’s Curiosity
Maker:Studio Nase
Release date:2017/11/23
Genre:Femaleprotagonist, prostitution/enjoyment, Fantasy, SleepRape, MultiplePlay/Orgy, Gangrape

No combat! It’s a type of RPG where you stroll around a small map looking for naughty events!
More than 45 event CGs in total! It is a large volume with a reminiscence room! It is made by Tucool MV.

The time elapses as actions and events occur, and the day part and night part are switched.
Enjoy crunching through the events that occur one after another.

The story takes place in a quiet town. The protagonist is Primera, the only daughter of a church.
One day, on her way home from helping out at the church, she meets a weak spirit(?). The story is set in a quiet town.
This is the first game in the series, and it’s a good one.
It seems that when a person’s greed is satisfied, magic power is generated.
In this town where adventurers stop by, you have to collect magic power without losing to sexual harassment!

-Part-time job at a tavern at night Event 1
→I’ve been working in a bar for a few years now. It’s a good girl who gets her skirt rolled up.
-Drinking event at a night bar
→I’m not sure if I’ll be able to say no, but I’ll be forced to drink alcohol and be sexually harassed. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to say no, but I’m going to drink alcohol and get sexually harassed.

-Part-time event in a bar at night 2
→I gave in to my curiosity and went to check on my uncle, only to find ……. Aww, your cute face is all gooey!

-Part time event in a bar at night 3
→You’ll be able to find a lot more than just a pair of shoes.
-Part-time job at a bar at night Event 4
→I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.

-Church boy event 1
→You’re going to be asked for advice on sexual problems. Let’s give him a gentle lesson!
-Church Boy Event 2
→Let’s get rid of the other boy’s problems before strange rumors start. You’ll have to take him back to his own room!
-Church boy event 3
→When will you be in a position to teach?
-Standing Sister Event 1
→I met a girl who was working as a prostitute! What?

-Standing Room Sisters Event 2
→I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out what’s going on.
-Damned Adventurer Event 1
→She wants a strong weapon. You can get them at the weapon shop! It’s a good idea to have a good time.
-Damned Adventurer Event 2
→It’s time to get some strong armor. The weapon shop’s demands are escalating!
-Damned Adventurer Event 3
→The next step is to procure a grimoire. I’m going to try on some tentacle armor!
-Damned Adventurer Event 4
→She wants a strong companion. Let’s recruit them. Use that naughty body!
-Damn Adventurers Event 5
→She wants you to join her strong party. Let’s recruit them. Lots and lots of strong adventurers!
-The Guild House Whorehouse Event 1
→As a curious Primera-chan, you can’t leave them alone! Let’s seduce the stubborn adventurer!
-The Guild House Brothel Event 2
→Surprising encounter! And a reluctant debut as a prostitute!
-Guildhouse Whorehouse Event 3
→There is a reason why she works as a prostitute! She never wanted to!
-Guildhouse Whorehouse Event 4
→She is too naughty to be introduced! Aww!
-Rattling Adventurer Event
→Don’t pester them or they’ll rape you.
-Slime Rape Event 1, 2, 3
→Drooling of the squishy~!
-Vagabond Event 1, 2
→Drooling of the squishy~!
-Sexual Harassment Gentleman Event 1, 2, 3
→Don’t worry, I’m a gentleman.
-Masturbation Event
→She is a girl of her age.
And other secret events!


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