【Sister notes / Narumi Aisaka】Brother, it’s a game! ~A Week in the Game of Sleeping with My Sister!

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Title:Brother, it’s a game! ~A Week in the Game of Sleeping with My Sister!
Maker:Sister notes / Narumi Aisaka
Release date:2017/11/30
Genre:Allhappy, Sister, lovey-dovey/awesomeness, handjob, Creampie, Blowjob

This is the sixth installment of our groundbreaking (?) series of pornographic voices, with less lewd language and easier listening for the uninitiated. The 6th erotic voice!
(*There is no direct connection to the previous version)

This is the sixth installment of a new series of erotic voices that are easy to listen to for those who are not familiar with them.

A cute and polite younger sister challenges you, her brother, to a game. The way to win is to sleep with her!

Can you withstand the onslaught of your sister?
(—Maybe you can’t stand it? It’s okay! There’s a track for you, too!)

This is the largest volume of Sister notes ever, about 270 minutes of hot competition with a cute sister in many ways!
(There are also some binaural sound sources…? Please enjoy it with headphones in secret…)

A brother and sister live in a normal household. It’s a great way to get to know your friends and family.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a story like this.
In fact, the brother finally gets a serious confession from the sister.
He hid the joy in his heart and refused the temptation, but his sister did not give up at all.

A few months later. One day, after he had accepted his sister’s confession, which had become a regular weekly event, she offered him a game.

I’m sure you’ll be able to understand what I’m talking about.

Now, a hot(?) game is about to begin between a pair of siblings for their future. The game is about to begin!

Track total recording time (about 270 minutes)

Prologue Brother, the game is on! (6:31)

Day 1: Sleeping with a lovey (11:07)
Day 2 And so begins my sister’s strategy (31:39) (Hand Job)
Day 3 Can I Call You [Big Brother]? (34:03) (Caress & Hand Job + Thong)
Day 4 Under the moonlit night (23:33) (Sister masturbates)
Day 5: Punishment game in my sister’s room (45:39) (Brother masturbates + blowjob + pies)
Day 6 [Normal Imouto](10:59)
Day 7 Game of chance(80:42) (Nakadashi ecchi*2)
This is the first time I’ve done this. Please enjoy it with headphones!

Epilogue I love you, brother…(5:35)

My brother’s defeat(12:57)

Unfortunately, you have succumbed to your sister’s temptation.
You can’t take it anymore, you give in to your desires and force your precious sister to lose her virginity.

How to use the extras
During the playback of each track, when you say [I can’t take it anymore!] If you play this extra track at the timing of “I can’t take it anymore!

The usual extra tracks

Brother A, let’s kiss goodnight.
B kissing scene
C Brother, let’s kiss goodnight ♪

This is an addition to the Sister notes series. Even on sleepless nights, you can make out with your cute little sister endlessly!

※The usual extra tracksの使い方
If you make a playlist, you can start with part A, then fill it with as many parts as you like, and finally add part C.
What a surprise, the extra kissing scene is also newly recorded this time—!

出演声優 逢坂 成美 様 https://coconarumina8.wixsite.com/cocont-no-yakata
パッケージイラスト ぴもぴ 様 https://pimoepimo.tumblr.com/


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