【Diesel Mine】Cornelica, the City of Dreamers

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#4, Annual:#38, Total:#251
Title:Cornelica, the City of Dreamers
Maker:Diesel Mine
Release date:2017/11/30
Genre:Noreversals, continuousclimax, angel/demon, Foreigngirl/monstergirl, ReverseRape, Malepassive

-Fixed a bug that prevented you from talking to Lily by changing the key config.
-Fixed a bug that caused a mini-game to be played before the tutorial under certain conditions.
-Added Doko’s cut-in playback process to the reminiscence room.
-Added Bad End list to reminiscence room.

-Fixed a bug where the reminiscence was not released after entering the password.
-Fixed a bug where a control text was displayed while talking to Irina.
-Fixed a bug where the hint displayed in the recollection was wrong.
-Fixed a bug where the reminiscence would not be released when caught by the twins in the center of Cornelica when taking Lily with you.
-Added a feature to allow you to see hints for released recollections.

-Fixed a bug that caused some scenes to move incorrectly.
-Fixed a bug that occurred after being captured by the twin succubus in the center of Cornelica.
-Added gamepad keykinfig.
-Added dialogue for mob events that result in a bad ending under certain conditions.

-Fixed a malfunction that occurred when talking to the well.
-Fixed a malfunction that caused charms to be +10 when using the charm purification potion.
-Fixed a bug where the hints on the top 4 and top 5 right side of the crystal in the recollection were reversed.

Fixed a bug with the hints on the top 4 and top 5 right side of the recollection crystal.

The hero is asked to fetch water from the river while helping out at the tavern.
When he finds a strange stone and takes it in his hand, he is suddenly enveloped in a dazzling light.

And the next thing you know, you’re in a country where succubus live!

The next thing you know, you’re in a land of succubus!
In order to return to the original world, you have to accumulate a certain amount of magic power!

What is the fate of the protagonist?
In this game, you have to save up your magic power in order to return to the original world.


-In a back alley, a succubus gives you a hard ride and squeezes you!

-In a church, a guru casts a rejuvenation spell on me and squeezes me as if I were a baby!

-In a witch’s mansion, I’m being squeezed by a machine that is used to make magic!

-In a schoolhouse, she is used as a sex education material for the students.

-The owner of the tavern raped me in cowgirl position and held me in his arms while we were connected until morning!

I was given a vulgar ass-job in a clothing store!

-I’m going to get a lactation hand job from an aristocratic succubus!

-Sucked by a nobleman’s succubus!

Character introduction


The main character of this work.
He is the protagonist of this story. With the power of a mysterious stone, he wandered into a town where succubus live.
In order to return safely, you’ll have to keep saving your magic power.

VC: Yuri Ayase

About the same age as the main character in appearance.
Her personality is basically energetic, though her innocent gestures stand out.
She sometimes seduces the protagonist, which is typical of a succubus.

You’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few charms and hints for your adventure.
It’s a great way to support the main character.
He is currently a runaway and is based out of an empty house in lower Cornelica.

VC:Satsuki Akujo

Lord of the city of Succubus.
She is brown and lovely looking, but has children and once had a husband.
One of the most magical succubus in Cornelica, and one of the most powerful.
If I wanted to, I could sip my semen just by touching it.

It’s a great way to get the most out of your money.
Her motto is “Be a Succubus," and she manages her territory every day.

Illustration: Whipple
VC:Ryooki Ryo

A maid-type golem that guards the interior of castles, towns, etc.
A maid-like golem that guards the interior of castles and towns.
They can be found at:
It’s also important to note that their energy is the same as that of a succubus.
It can be squeezed out of you suddenly as a fuel supply.

Illustration by Feinabuchi
VC:Satsuki Akujo

A crisp-eyed whore. She wears a suit that looks like a swallow tail.
She may look cool, but she loves sex as much as any other succubus.
A juggler.

Illustration: Coolist.
VC:Satsuki Akujo

Owner of a tavern.
The owner of a tavern. He is generally quiet and lazy, as if he has no motivation.
He has big breasts and is a bit dark-skinned. He’s a bit dark-skinned with big tits. He becomes talkative when he’s drunk.

Illustration: Coolist.
VC:Ryooki Ryo

He is the guru of a certain religious group.
He looks quite young, but his real age is higher than anyone else in town.
He is an old acquaintance of the lord, and uses a mysterious technique to rejuvenate his subjects.
There are many sisters in the church, including Shirara, who, despite her gentle demeanor, are also very kind.
Its true nature is that of a succubus itself.

Illustration: Sigourney Weaver
VC:Moko Ashiya.

A witch who also runs a magic shop.
She’s weirdly cheerful and a bit of a mad scientist.
A witch who lives in the suburbs and likes to do sexually explicit things, just like a succubus.

Illustrations: Usual
VC:Ryooki Ryo

The owner of a dancing clothes shop.
She is cheerful and faithful to her sexual desires like a succubus.
Most succubus clothes in this country come from her store.

Illustration: Hakika
VC:Moko Ashiya.

Suspicious owner of a tool shop.
He enjoys using various lewd tools, such as anal plugs and masturbators.
He has cat ears and a tail, and for some reason he’s always grinning.


Scenario: Nagano Ueda

Original Drawings : Cool Kyojin, Feinabuchi, Usuki, Hakika, Whiplash, Mebura, Sigourney Weaver, Oborozuki Kakeru, L Buffer


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