【Jukkaq Games】Gate of Windnest -The Girl in Slavery

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#2, 30 Days:#3, Annual:#57
Title:Gate of Windnest -The Girl in Slavery
Maker:Jukkaq Games
Release date:2015/09/26
Genre:Maleprotagonist, Girl, Humiliation, Slave, Japaneserape, virgin

[Gate of Windnest -The Girl of Slavery-] Introduction page

You, the protagonist, are an [adventurer]!
You have come to Windnest, a city of dungeons with an inexhaustible supply of items to be discovered.
You’ll be able to find a lot of items here, and adventurers, merchants, and even slavers will gather here.
–Now, it’s all about your adventure.

This is an easy open world RPG!

-Any character can be a main character!
This is a type of game where the main character = the player’s alter ego, with name input available.
This is why there is no dialogue from the protagonist in the game, and the structure is designed to stimulate the imagination.
The main character’s walking dots and icons can be imported from external sources.
We recommend using original walking graphics edited with Famitsucom’s Chibi Chara Tucool (free).
This game is designed for a male protagonist.
The game is designed for a male protagonist. However, there is no scene in the game where the protagonist is clearly referred to as “male", so a female protagonist is also possible.
In that case, the game will be more like a two-fisted yuri game.
(All seven default protagonist graphics are also included from the beginning)

-The main heroine’s training!
The main heroine, [Milka], is a slave girl who joins your party in the beginning.
She has special parameters such as likability and shame, and can be dressed up or down.

And the heroine can use a training skill called [Anywhere H Skill], so you can have H anywhere in the city or in the dungeon!
But if you do it in public, or if you force yourself to do it when you don’t want to, you will be hated.
If you don’t like it too much, Milka will run away, but if you meet certain conditions in the game, you can continue playing even if she hates you.
You can also raise Milka’s sensitivity and train her through Hentai play.
There are different types of play, such as sex, blowjob, abuse, and anal, and the content of each varies depending on your sensitivity and perversion level.
If your training progresses and your perversion level rises, you’ll find yourself in H scenes you can’t even imagine from the beginning!
It is possible, of course, to keep her as a virgin and nurture her with care and respect!

-Events with subheroines!
In addition to Mirka, there are 10 other subheroines in the game.
The sub-heroines are your party mates, your rivals for the same dungeon, or naughty demon sword spirits.
All of the subheroines have sex scenes as well.
There’s raping, there’s rape, and there’s humiliation, but it’s all H-scenes performed by you, the hero!

-Explore the dungeon!
Dive into dungeons to play with Mirka, buy costumes, and progress through events with the subheroines.
The contents of the dungeon’s treasure chests in the game are randomized and will be restored once you leave the dungeon.
Rare items sometimes appear from the beginning of the game, making it an RPG that you can get enthusiastic about.

-The full version has [full voice] for all heroines in all scenes.
-HCG:30 pieces Difference:285 pieces Total number of H scenes:47
-Play time:Around 7-10 hours to clear the first time.
-This work is made using [RPG Tucool VX Ace].
To play the game, you need to download [RPG Tucool VX Ace RTP](free) from the following URL.

-Upgrades such as bug fixes are planned.
We recommend that you register as a member so that you can download the product again.

-The characters, story, system, etc. are also introduced on the circle’s website.

-The current latest version is Ver210.


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