【Big kid’s toy box】Woman’s Peep Room

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Title:Woman’s Peep Room
Maker:Big kid’s toy box
Release date:2015/09/28
Genre:lewdwords, girl, Lolita, petite, lascivious, Tsurupeta


In the first city you visit, you find a strange store.
The name of the store is [○女の覗室].
You pay the money without much expectation.
There is a tiny little woman inside.

Outline of the work

This is a story about a store where you can peek at women.
It is a story about a shop where you can peep women.
Sometimes they take off their clothes and show you their cute, floppy boobs.
Sometimes she takes off her pants to show off her curves.
In fact, they even masturbate!
Please take a peek at such an innocent and cute girl to your heart’s content!

17 basic pictures + many differences

It’s tiny, but it’s soft and you can see many parts of it.

Please enjoy the body which swelled up like a woman.


This is a CG collection, but with sound!

This time I asked [Mochi Yomogi] to do it for me.

You can see the CG with lovely voice by simple operation.
Please try the trial version to see how it works.

Note: —————————————————

Please make sure to check the operation with the trial version before purchasing.
If the trial version is not working properly due to compatibility, please contact
Please note that we are not able to help you.

If you have any bugs in the product version, please report them on our blog.
Please feel free to write a comment.

****************** Bug fixes: **********************
Message speed is set to fastest.
Fixed a bug that made it impossible to progress in [scene 9].
Works fine with all but the fastest message speeds, but
Please re-download if you are concerned about this.


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