【BouSoft】A picture book about a brave man, a wizard, and a fairy tale

[Ranking]24 Hours:#4, 7 Days:#17, 30 Days:#40
Title:A picture book about a brave man, a wizard, and a fairy tale
Release date:2017/12/22
Genre:clothes, Touch, dressup, 3Dworks, Lolita, Wizard/Witch, Fantasy

*Updated to version Ver424.
*You can now switch between English and Japanese from the title screen.

A brave man can do anything and go anywhere.

A full-fledged adventure RPG that takes you around the world with Kokori, a girl who uses dark magic!
Can you become a brave hero and defeat the demon king?

Healthy content
-You can travel freely in the fantasy world with the girls.
-You can drag and drop girls to lift them up, flip them over, and roll up their skirts and clothes.
-Purchase clothes in villages and towns to dress up your girls.
-The game has more than 30 parts that can be changed freely, including jacket, skirt, underwear, collar, hat, socks, shoes, accessories, nail color, etc.
-The girl’s hair grows little by little as the days go by. Haircutting is available for front hair, side hair, left and right hair, and back hair.
-The bangs can be traced with the mouse cursor to adjust them.
-In addition to your hair, your chest and height will also change if you spend time in a hot place and get sunburned, or if you eat certain foods.
-The clothes that the girls wear get a little dirty as the days go by. They can be cleaned by washing them or washing them in the river or other places.
-There are also stores that will buy your used clothes at a higher price.
-Sourcing and cooking ingredients and feeding them to girls can give you feedback, and may also increase or decrease your likability and cause physical changes.
-When you eat, you will receive various benefits that will benefit your adventure.
-You can collect materials and herbs to smelt armor, medicine, etc.
-The quality of the materials will make a difference in the finished armor. You can also enhance your armor.
-Battle is RPG style. There is also an auto mode that allows you to select commands for quick and easy combat.
-There are about 2,110 ingredients, dishes, materials, armor, ores, medicines, clothing, and naughty tools in the game.
*Alchemy is not available from the beginning.
*All cooking methods are not available from the beginning.

Not healthy content
-You can pee while taking a break. Let’s heal the fatigue of adventure with a girl.
-Ecchi is fully interactive. Click, drag, and drop with your mouse.
-When the girl’s energy is exhausted, she will not respond to your touch and the game will end.
-The upper limit of stamina can be increased. There are also recovery items available.
-They will be able to flip up their jackets, and some of their clothes will open in the front or can be lowered.
-Pants and bras can also be slipped off. You can make her completely naked, or you can enjoy her in any style you like.
-H exclusive items will also be available. You can find them mainly in the field.
-Some items can be eaten, some can be inserted, some can be attached to the nipples, some shoot liquid, etc. They have different uses and effects.
-It can restore your energy during H, spank you, make you horny, make you feel drunk, make you sleepy, or have a diuretic effect.
-You can ejaculate and bukkake them, make them drink in your mouth, or put them in and out of various holes.
-Every time you bang a girl, her body and the clothes she is wearing will get a little dirty. To clean them, you need to wash them in a water place or river.
-They will also be able to give you services such as blowjobs and paizuri.
-They will become more and more nasty as you travel with them.
-The girl’s reaction will vary depending on your liking and her state of mind at the time.
*You can’t perform all the sex acts from the beginning. You need to release them.
*There are multiple girls in the game, but only Kokori can perform peeing in the game itself.
*You can have sex with each girl by adding the DLC.

Contents of the demo version
On Jan 26, 2019, you can switch between Japanese and English.
You can move the first continent.
You can shift your jacket, but you can’t shift your underwear.
You can’t release erotic wishes.
Other than that, the game is basically the same as the full version.
The save data of the trial version can be used in the full version.

The girls are rendered in 2D and the background in 3D.
This game requires DirectX10 or later to start up; we have not tested it on WindowsXP, DirectX9, etc., so it is unknown.
Please make sure to check the operation with the trial version before purchasing.
As we are planning to update the software, we strongly recommend that you purchase the software after registering as a user at dlsite.

CV Jemiko Yamada, Kurumi Kinoshita, Shio Sugar, Aya Kuchiya, Yufu Hanamigawa, Koyori Edge


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