【Dieblest/Kotone Red Moon】Mon Sis – The night I got milked by Lilith’s sister

[Ranking]24 Hours:#5, 7 Days:#15, 30 Days:#53
Title:Mon Sis – The night I got milked by Lilith’s sister
Maker:Dieblest/Kotone Red Moon
Release date:2015/10/25
Genre:sister, angel/devil, Alien/monstergirl, Nakadashi, Male, Ejaculationinthemouth

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a monster girl’s older sister get milked by an adult.

It’s an audio work in which a shota girl is sucked off, ridden, ear licked, blamed for her nipples, given a hand job, and so on.

Please listen to this work with headphones or earphones.

[Track 1: I’ve found the best semen](06:36)
One night, Lily, the whore Lilith, was wandering around the human world, hungry.
That’s when her nose sensed the presence of high quality semen nearby…

Lily identifies the location and quickly sneaks into the house.
There was a young, pretty boy sleeping, breathing peacefully.

[Track2Taste with your mouth first](18:57)
A boy who, despite his cute face, possesses a considerable amount of high quality semen.

Lily thought about how to eat such an exquisite feast, and decided to taste it with her mouth.

After carefully peeling off his pseudohermaphroditic penis, which is still not completely peeled off, he slowly slurps up the overflowing semen…

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Fellatio in bed, licking of pubic stain on pseudohermaphrodite, ejaculation in mouth

[Track3 main dish is here…](29:24)
Lily is a little full after absorbing a lot of semen from oral sex.
I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that works for you.
I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that I’m not the only one who’s a bit nervous about the whole thing.

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Cowgirl Position, Nipple Torture, Ear Licking, Nakadashi

[Track4I’ll do you a favor](20:58)
Lily’s stomach is swollen after her second squeeze.
He immediately tries to return to the demon world where he lives, but the boy’s penis is still hard.

Furthermore, he will be begging you to have sex with him.

It’s a good idea to take a look at a few of the most common types of shoes and boots.
So she decided to ask if there was any play that boys longed to do.

And then she begged me to give her a breast feeding hand job.

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Lactation hand job, nipple torture

[Track5 whore sister’s ear licking cuddling](22:02)
After the third milking, in a relaxed atmosphere, the boy clasps Lily’s hand and looks like he wants to say something.
She senses this and asks him gently, [I want you to sleep with me ear licking] and he begs her.

Lily is bewildered that she is a whore and not a demon to be put to sleep.
However, it was my fault for waking him up during the milking… and I decided to heed his request…

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Cuddling, whispering, ear licking
[play time]
About 97 minutes

File format]
mp3 format, JPEG

Voice actors]
Ms. Kotone Kohzuki

Illustration by
Ms. Aoi Chizuru


モン姉-リリスのお姉さんに搾精されちゃった夜 [ディーブルスト]


A Lilith woman who is a whore.
She lives by playing tricks on men in their sleep at night in order to gain energy.
In human terms, she is an older woman in her mid-twenties and is very experienced.

He loves to eat good quality semen, so his preferred type is inevitably younger people.

I have a weakness for being begged, and even more so when it is my type of girl.

This time, you happen to find a boy with the finest semen and you end up eating him like you always do?


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