【A Voice】Where not to speak up…

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Title:Where not to speak up…
Maker:A Voice
Release date:2015/05/29
Genre:Touching, lovers, softsex, Creampie, Fellatio, impatience

[in a place where you are not supposed to speak out—]
Total play time – 61 minutes
Voice Actor – From Koharuhi


[ech in places where you’re not supposed to speak].
Two lovers kiss and pee. Then, of course, the voice comes out.

A pleasant voice, the sound of licking somewhere on the body, whispering of love with the other person, and many other voices like that.

But it was just the two of us, in a place where no one could hear us.

If you’re going to have sex in a place or situation where you’re not allowed to make a sound, you’ll naturally have to put up with that kind of noise…

She is desperately trying to keep her voice down, or she is trying to make you feel good with few words.

Would you like to do something naughty in a place where you are not allowed to make a sound?


[[Your] girlfriend].
My hobby is reading, and a little bit of gaming. Basically, an indoor hobby.
Her personality is also somewhat shy, probably due to her indoor hobbies, and she is basically a quiet girl.

However, when it comes to relatives and people who are close to him, he is not shy and changes his personality to a rather friendly one.

She is often toyed with, but she doesn’t mind being toyed with, nor is it unreasonable for her to do so.
In fact, when they do [payback] after being played with, they will do something more daring than normal people.


[Each file description]

1-Pranking in the Library [You](16min)
2-Getting Even in the Bathroom[Her](19min)
3-Don’t Let Your Mother Hear You(17min)

Play time – 61 minutes
File format-mp3
Extra files – various image data (JPEG-PNG), script text, work summary text


Production Staff

Illustration – Sasa Machine
Voice Actor – From Koharuhi
Scenario – Akamaru
Production-A Voice


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