【research whore sex】Situation black – degenerate demon student tentacle dick’s fresh juice seeded! I can’t believe it! Chapter 1

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Title:Situation black – degenerate demon student tentacle dick’s fresh juice seeded! I can’t believe it! Chapter 1
Maker:research whore sex
Release date:2015/04/29
Genre:lewdsex, lolita, Gymclothes, Creampie, Pregnancy/impregnation, Tentacle

Sample voice released on 4/20/2015 CV Yukako Maeno, full voice content enclosed

This voice work requires your favorite masturbator and plenty of lotion.
And we recommend the use of headphones.

Please seed apricots with the stinky, dirty cum of a giant tentacle dick!

Genki Rorikko played by Yukako Maeno, a degenerate student.
Enjoy watching Rorikko get seeded with cum!

Tonight’s prey
The underclassmen of Yakkoukaku Academy
[Oozumi An
A student of demonology with a provisional license in physical arts.
She is slow to develop compared to her peers, and her breasts lack fullness.
I’m going to be 20 next year and I have the typical pantyhose syndrome.
In addition to the slow development of the body, the appearance of a hairless, loli pussy is a problem.

This is a 24-minute, one-chapter audio work.
The general sequence is as follows

1 Prologue [Whew, I’m tired again today].
Enter the safe ward of the town
I went into the women’s restroom in the park from the urge to urinate that I had been holding back.

2[Kya! Aaah! Aah! Aah! What the hell?]
There were several reddish-black tentacles wriggling around at the bottom of the toilet bowl.
From there, several thin tentacles crawled out, depriving me of my freedom!

3. “Ugh! Damn it! Oh, my God! Get off me! Get off me! Get… off me!

I was forced to open my legs wide, my ass sticking out, my pants in full view.
With my legs spread, my pants bounced up and down.

I can clearly see the stripes of my pussy —-

4[Tentacles split my cunt flesh —- and spread it —-!]
The tentacles dexterously hooked their tentacles into the puffy flesh of my cunt.
I’m going to open it all the way to the side!

5[Hahahaha… my dick… tentacle’s male organ…!]
It stinks–it smells so bad!
The unique smell of a foreskin dick!
Thick, long, skinny, disgusting foreskin dick!

6. Oh, the tip of my dick is hitting my pussy. —-]
The tip of the glans, the rod, and then the root, in that order.
I can’t believe it.
In my little pussy hole.
A hard, long dick is forced into my little pussy hole.

7 [He’s peeling it off… in my meat hole! The skin of the penis —-!]
The countless protruding warts and bumps hidden in the skin.

Unusually deep and high glans.

I’m sure you’ll be able to understand what I mean.

8[No, no —-! Are you going to ejaculate? Are you going to ejaculate? Oh, my God! Oh my god!] [
The movement of my dick became even more intense.
Longer, deeper, and faster strokes
The movement towards ejaculation

Intense pistoning of the penis
Pouring that baby juice into my hairless cunt to make me pregnant—!

9[Whoa! Oooohhhhhh!] [oooohhhhhhhh!!!]]
I gasp at my first seeding.
A lot of sloppy semen every time my dick jiggles and surges.
I’m going to have a lot of cum in my womb.

10[Ngg! I can’t believe it. nggggg!]
[tentacle cum, seed, attach! Agh! —Nngh! I’m pregnant…I’m fertilized…]
It’s like my cunt is plugged with a giant dick right now…
I’m sure you’ll be able to guess what I’m talking about.
The only way to catch it is in the womb.

3 1024×768 diffs
Recording format wav stereo (2 channel mono) approx. 24min.

CV Yukako Maeno


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