【Yamada Kobo】When I confessed to my junior colleague – audio of being squeezed with a pipe -.

[Ranking]24 Hours:#18, 7 Days:#47
Title:When I confessed to my junior colleague – audio of being squeezed with a pipe -.
Maker:Yamada Kobo
Release date:2015/05/16
Genre:fetish, tits, girl, Student, Uniform, Paizuri

[work description]
You confess to your younger colleague, attracted by her cheerfulness and I-cup breasts, and end up going out with her.
You accidentally tell her that you like her big tits, but she loves your cute little tits, so she gives you a hard-on to get you to like her.
You are able to sigh blissfully as your younger colleague paddles you, and your younger colleague’s paddling gets more and more escalated …….

CHAPTER1 Confession
“My senior is also a boy, so he …… loves my big tits, right ……?

“It’s just the two of us here,…… and I’m going to give you that,…… that,…… you wanted me to give you.

CHAPTER2 My First Piesuri (Over the Knee Piesuri)
I’m going to do my best to make your …… tits feel good. I’ll do my best …… to make you feel good with my tits.

“Here, squirt, squirt, squirt. …… How’s that? I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I’m not the only one who’s a bit of a jerk.

CHAPTER3 Various Piesuri(Vertical Piesuri, Horse Riding Piesuri)
I’m sure you’ll love it.
I’m going to be a tit slave for my senpai.

CHAPTER4 Never-ending Piesuri(Pressure Piesuri, Wavy Piesuri, Fast Cone Rubbing Piesuri)
“You purposely make a pretty face like that because you want to be squeezed more. ……?

[Is it great to be squeezed so hard by your junior’s tits that they make you cry afterwards?]

Total recording time, 62 minutes

Illustration by Yahiro Fujinomiya

Script by PCA

CV Ms. Kotone Kohzuki

Editing by Chabo

Produced by Yamada Kobo


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