【Kill Time Communication】Disgrace of wearing armor

[Ranking]24 Hours:#3, 7 Days:#7, 30 Days:#19
Title:Disgrace of wearing armor
Maker:Kill Time Communication
Release date:2021/01/30
Genre:Shota, “mansdaughter", Succubus/whore, Creampie, Lesbian/WomanonWoman, Humiliation, MultiplePlay/Orgy, ReverseRape, Anal, tentacle, evilcorruption, Bigtits/bigtits, Futa-nari

Yulina, a captain of the Temple Warriors, who was supposed to save a young lady but became a prisoner of a whore.
The story is about a young girl who has been taken prisoner by an evil demon.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a movie where a woman is raped by a group of brave men.
A man’s daughter adventurer is made to fall into the hands of erotic traps and succubus.
The princess knight who is swallowed up by the pleasure of the meat stick and the prince who is a shota (a boyish boy) who is born with a twin, and

A princess knight is taken prisoner by orcs and her magic armor is covered in semen and she is raped.
A magical girl climaxes and loses while being energy drained by a costume that has become a tentacle suit…

Heroines who are defiled both inside and outside their bodies!

[Included works]
[The Returning Demon King Episode 1]
[The Demon King Returns] [Episode 2
[Rape of the Demon Palace] [
[Trapping Cat]
[Scabbard of the Twin Princesses]
[Plates of Semen] [
[Tentacle Maiden]
[Whore’s Companion]


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