【Elect Sawaru】Raikou Shinki Aigis Magia – PANDRA saga 3rd ignition

[Ranking]24 Hours:#1, 7 Days:#1, 30 Days:#4, Annual:#25, Total:#70
Title:Raikou Shinki Aigis Magia – PANDRA saga 3rd ignition
Maker:Elect Sawaru
Release date:2017/12/09
Genre:Alotofjuice/liquid, shota, marriedwoman, School, Fantasy, Bukkake, Nakadashi, Titties, Lesbian/girl-on-girl, Humiliation, Fellatio, MultiplePlay/Orgy, ReverseRape, Anal, tentacle, heterosexual, BigTits, Futa-nari, whippedtits

The long awaited new series of school fantasies by Elect Saru, whose intense descriptions of sex are very popular!

The beautiful student council president, Fumika, is swallowed into the body of a monster and raped by countless tentacles.
Artemis, a debugger girl, is defeated in battle and gang raped and humiliated in front of a large audience.
D-Mater, a married woman, and Hestia, a young wife, who squeeze semen out of boys in a brush-off competition.

The relatives of Olympos fight for the title of school president.
The [Zeus Attacking Olympics] tournament begins!

Raikou Shinki Aigisumagia – PANDRA saga 3rd ignition
[Section 1: The chattering student council head girl].
[Section 2: Don’t call me by that name].
[Section 3: Battle after battle! I’ll never lose!]
[Section 4: Heir Selection Olympic Tournament! The first game is an immediate confrontation between sister and brother!]
Section 5: This is my way of life!
[Section 6: A Woman’s Persistence! The Zeus sisters face off!]
[Section 7 Ares, God of War, appears! Aprodite’s First Love]?


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