【Tea Denial】JK Rape Festival Ice Age Quiz!

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Title:JK Rape Festival Ice Age Quiz!
Maker:Tea Denial
Release date:2017/12/11
Genre:uniform, Creampie, MultiplePlay/Orgy, Forced/Forced, Rape, virgin

A virgin JK runs away from the loser’s counterattack rape and gets raped.
The latest comic book, “Ice Age Generation Virginity Okashi-tai Rachikusu! is now on sale to rave reviews.

The Ice Age Quiz of Fear: A Live Rape Festival!

Several kidnapped JKs are gathered in a certain place in Tokyo.
A man who looked like a moderator spoke to the confused JKs, “Welcome! JKs selected for the Ice Age Quiz," he said into the microphone.

JKs who can’t understand what the man is saying.

When the strong-willed JK tried to escape, she was quickly surrounded by men.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this movie.
So, the only way to be freed from this place is to participate in the Ice Age Quiz and win.
The Ice Age Quiz is an internet program distributed on a members-only website consisting of only the Ice Age generation.
The JKs have finally grasped the situation and have become docile.
I’m sure you’ll be able to understand what I mean.
The only way to survive is to win!

This work is included in [Comic Grape vol49].


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