【Sho Higashiyama】COMIC LO June 2017

[Ranking]24 Hours:#3, 7 Days:#5, 30 Days:#18
Title:COMIC LO June 2017
Maker:Sho Higashiyama
Release date:2017/12/12
Genre:Toys, lolita, sister, Bitch, Celebrity/Idol/Model, Schoolswimwear, School, Firsttime, Nakadashi, Bluerape, Restraint, confinement, MultiplePlay/Orgy, Incest, ReverseRape, Urination/Peeing, Anal, Breastfeeding, shorts

An eighteenth-century manga magazine by the editorial staff of Rokkon, by Rokkon artists, for Rokkon readers.
This is Comic LO!

It is recommended for those who just want to read sexually explicit manga with small and cute girls.
(I mean, that’s all there is on the site anymore. Note that this is not a normal sex manga!)

However, the content is rich in variety, from very sweet lovemaking to hard humiliation, so you won’t get bored.
(But don’t worry, it doesn’t involve a girl getting hurt or anything like that.)

Also, there are a lot of stories that can only be published in LO. (But don’t worry, it doesn’t involve girls getting hurt.
The illustrations by Takamichi, who has been in charge of the cover illustrations for more than 10 years since the first issue, are so popular that they are now considered art!

The magazine has been praised by those who know about LO as “the forefront of the times and the forefront of sexual morality.
It’s a strange but normal sex manga magazine.

Takamichi on the cover

[front cover color]
Chiguchimiri [that of June issue].

Kokekokko☆Koma [I can’t stay a bud].
Moku Ujiie[Underground junior idol].
Minasuki Populi [Nutakko Festival].
Komamemaru[Lost article 2 Part 1: Tinkering with Koharu].
Yutaka Ueda[Returning the favor of the stray].
Kujirax[The Ballad of the Singer Episode 5 The Singer Can’t Love One Woman 1]
Noise[Angel’s lover].
Satsuyo[Origami! Wild Girl]
Neko Pants[Yuni Saikuru!]
Motofumi Takaoka[Because I’m an adult].
Sho Higashiyama[Implicity episode 06].
Mamezo[How to love each other properly as siblings].
Ponske[Ayu-chan’s river exploration].
Shirane Daito[Papa Rabu Part 2].
Hiraku Machida[Big room child room].
Usakun[Mako-chan’s picture diary].


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