【Campus】Haluso -Passing Memories- X-RATED Version

[Ranking]7 Days:#5, 30 Days:#5
Title:Haluso -Passing Memories- X-RATED Version
Release date:2021/04/23
Genre:Series, Uniform, Apron, School/Academy, lovey-dovey, Longhair, Bigtits/bigtits

In the four-part [lie series] with [haruso], [natsuuso], [akiuso], and [fuyuso
This story focuses on the heroine of the spring installment, Himeno Sakurazuki.

This is a story that focuses on the heroine of the Spring version, Himeno Sakurazuki. The worldview and characters are the same, but it is not a continuation of the series.
This is a story that focuses on the heroine, Sakuratsuki Himeno, from the Spring Arc.
For example, if you start from [Natsuuso] without playing [Haluso], you will still be able to play it.
The game is designed so that you can play it without any problems.

The keyword throughout the series is [lie].

A lie to protect yourself.
Lies to deny yourself.
Lies to deceive yourself.
Lies to continue being yourself.

A story about the heroines who have their own lies (honto no kimochi).
It’s a little bit naughty, a little bit sweet and sour love story.


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