【ninetail/dualtail】VenusBlood -After Days- Episode:1 Girl of the Sun

[Ranking]7 Days:#2, 30 Days:#3, Annual:#42
Title:VenusBlood -After Days- Episode:1 Girl of the Sun
Release date:2017/12/22
Genre:clothes, lolita, Pregnancy/impregnation, Breastfeeding, Egglaying, tentacles, Pregnantwoman, slipperyslope

A spin-off scenario from VenusBlood-GAIA, focusing on the popular character “Titi"!
This is the first time I’ve seen this game.
We’ll be showing you every bit of Titi’s charm, right up to the forbidden scene where she and Theophrad are united and she becomes a mother!

–It’s the story of a girl’s happily ever after.


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