【ninetail/dualtail】VenusBlood -BRAVE

[Ranking]7 Days:#2, 30 Days:#2, Annual:#20, Total:#74
Title:VenusBlood -BRAVE
Release date:2017/11/24
Genre:kimono, maid, fantasy, Magic, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Spawning, Humiliation, Tentacle, Heterosexuality, BigTits, Smalltits

It’s the 10th anniversary of the [VenusBlood] series, and this is the latest in a series of 10!
In a continent where the goddess’s blessing has been lost, the journey to defeat the demon king begins with a brave hero.
The main characters in this game are the human heroines who are trying to overthrow the Demon King, and the Demon King and his subordinate demon tribes who are planning to rule the continent.
The hero becomes a demonologist who cooperates with the hero.
The heroine is a demon scholar who helps the hero.
Use the power of the goddess to expand your base and bring peace back to the continent.

The first RPG in the VB series!
This is the first game in the [VenusBlood] series to use the RPG system.
The player is based in the sacred city of Alsta, the place where the story begins.
This is the first RPG system in the [VenusBlood] series.
Train your party of heroes by winning battles in dungeons filled with dangerous monsters.

Spawn scenes of brave men and women!
With the main heroine, the brave heroine, at the helm.
The heroine of the game is a priestess, a maid, a holy knight, a dancer, a black knight, a samurai, a witch, a priestess, and many other heroines.
In the past, human heroines have been difficult to spotlight in the VB series.
It’s a great way to get the most out of your time with us.

Draw on the power of the Guardians created by the spawn!

The spawning part creates Guardians that look a lot like demons.
The Guardian is a homunculus created by combining the genes of demons with the hero’s alchemy.
The Guardian is a powerful ally of the heroes.
The Guardian is a powerful ally to the heroes. The Guardian can be summoned in battle to attack, assist, or heal, and is a useful supporter.

Use the training menu to your advantage!
The heroine’s parameters will affect the guardian that is spawned.
Adjust multiple parameters, such as pleasure level, shame, and torment, with commands to get the best results.
Spawn a child with the performance you want.
The performance of the child guardian will also affect the parent heroine.

Create your own party to conquer the dungeon!
Choose heroes, priests, and other heroines to form a party of four.
The Guardians you give birth to will give you an advantage in various aspects of battle, just like summoned animals.
Create your favorite party and conquer the dungeons full of demons.

If you lose to the leaders of the demon king’s army, you will be humiliated in defeat!
In this game, you’ll have to fight against the curse of rutting contained in the light of the red moon, which can only be fought by vulnerable humans who are neither goddesses nor demons.
The only thing she could do was to pant, helpless in the face of the rape that was coming at her.

If you are defeated by a demon leader class, you will be subjected to severe humiliation.


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