【Roadroller Sound Studio】Free SE Collection Vol1

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Title:Free SE Collection Vol1
Maker:Roadroller Sound Studio
Release date:2021/06/12
Genre:Sound, VTuber

Free SEs for use Vol1

This is a collection of SEs that can be freely used in radio, Youtube, and other video distribution.

If you want to avoid free SEs that you’ve heard somewhere else, please visit
This is recommended for those who want to save the time and effort of collecting free materials.

[Contents]* Total number of materials: 100
-Sound effect data (50 pieces)
-Jingle data (50 pieces)

You can check the contents in the product image.
(* The folder is screen printed.)

[Format etc.]
Since it is intended for use in radio programs and video distribution
We have decided to use only Wave format.

All the material data in the collection is available at
You are free to use them for any purpose, personal or commercial.


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