【Imakawa Tei】[Traditional Chinese Version] Dare to refuse! Ashizuka Student

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Title:[Traditional Chinese Version] Dare to refuse! Ashizuka Student
Maker:Imakawa Tei
Release date:2021/06/04
Genre:オールハッピー, Student, Fellowstudent/colleague, FirstExperience, Wagyu, Koinonia, Ronggaihead, hugebreasts/explodingbreasts, daughter



[begging for the name to call me, name]
My rod was about to explode as I watched her plead while shrinking her vagina…! What?

From people doing their homework, to the drinking club responsible for pulling people, and finally even being sexually harassed by a man attacking her breasts no matter what request can not refuse the disadvantaged girls [Ashizuka students].
The poor fellow student [Fuji-kun], who felt very sorry for her, started to practice how to refuse with her at the strong request of Ashizuka’s classmate.

But after a month, Ashizuka’s refusal ability did not grow at all. The impatient Fujimune finally decided to take a strong approach! What?

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the situation. But I was taken to a place where a man lives alone]
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

(Now it’s time to refuse)
But contrary to what Fujikun thought, Ashizuka didn’t resist at all, and even opened her own twin! What?

[I want to do the last thing with Fujii-kun!]

When Ashizuka suddenly made a gesture, how could Fujimune behave like a man?

And Ashizuka can be the girl who can refuse! What?

The character who appeared on the show ■

A girl who can’t say no to others.
The girl who wears clothes that reveal very little, but the potential of her hidden body is very high.

Ashizuka’s male friend.
He was unable to see that Ashizuka couldn’t refuse others, so he started to practice with them.

The first time I saw him, he was a good friend.

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PN:Imagawa Akira


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