【WHITE TIGER】Shame Power Female Warrior [Chinese Version]

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Title:Shame Power Female Warrior [Chinese Version]
Release date:2021/05/21
Genre:フェチ, WARRIOR, Bedtime, Face, humiliation, PluralPleiades/Promiscuity, Fetishrape, Daughters

[Story Summary]

A small village on the edge of the kingdom where women are often attacked by orcs. It will kill male humans without mercy, but will only rape and abuse women, not kill them.

The new generation of warriors in the village will soon be killed by the orcs before they can take on their own role, so there are no warriors in the village who can resist the orcs!

A surviving warrior had an inspiration: Since Orcs don’t kill girls, as long as we find girls with warrior qualifications and train them, then sooner or later, we will be able to defeat Orcs, as long as we can get past the constant sexual abuse.

The girl of choice must have a strong body and a lustful mind to withstand the orcs’ abuse. To become a warrior woman who can save the village from shame, you must first give up your shame!

So, the warrior decided to give her daughter a rigorous training in combat and eroticism. The shame of the female warrior to break the shame of the debut!

[character introduction]

  • 恥力女戰士【中国語版】 [WHITE TIGER]

    Occupation:Female warrior
    The heroine of this work, optimistic and cheerful character, rich in a sense of justice, but in order to fight against the orcs, was trained by her father as a female warrior without shame, physical and spiritual development has been well developed.

  • 恥力女戰士【中国語版】 [WHITE TIGER]

    Occupation: Priestess
    She is a good friend of the heroine and always helps her. After the village was invaded by Orcs, she sacrificed herself and served many Orcs to save the refugee from rape in the church.

  • 恥力女戰士【中国語版】 [WHITE TIGER]

    Occupation: Female pirate
    She is an innocent and lovely girl, but she is greedy for money, cheating and doing everything. After being saved by the heroine, she regarded her as her companion and was willing to fight against the Orcs together.

  • 恥力女戰士【中国語版】 [WHITE TIGER]

    Occupation: Wizardess
    Originally an orphan, she was rescued by Asmode when she was in danger. Because of the similarity of her appearance to Lilith, Asmode took her as a magical apprentice.
    He admired Asmode and obeyed his words, but did not care about anything else.

[Game System]

恥力女戰士【中国語版】 [WHITE TIGER]


-The enemy will not only attack with power or magic, but will also use various dirty tricks on the female character, including chest assault, vaginal titillation and forcible penetration. In the face of such dirty tricks, how will the sexy team led by the shameless warrior girl fight?

-The first thing you need to do is to get a little bit of poisoning in the middle of the battle. But what if you can’t afford the expensive antidote herbs? The accumulated toxins can be discharged from the body through the pussy, and the toxins can be flushed out by the erotic water that is emitted after the poisoning as soon as the orgasm. The actual fact that people are fighting, exactly how to quickly reach the orgasm?


-The number of beautiful HCG is up to 24, and the number of differential is more than 140! There are 9 types of cut-in pictures and 34 differential pictures! There are also a variety of expressions and damage variations. The beautiful painting style and the unexpected plot sincerely bring you into the unique erotic world of fantasy RPG.

恥力女戰士【中国語版】 [WHITE TIGER]

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* This game is produced by RPG Maker MV.


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