【Torrance-Trivia】Female degenerate university ~ degenerate into a lascivious female slave of the end of the excellent students ~

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Title:Female degenerate university ~ degenerate into a lascivious female slave of the end of the excellent students ~
Release date:2021/05/07
Genre:male, “womensclothing", lingshame, molestation, Shame/Shame, Coercion/UnreasonableYali, アナル

A collection of CG stories in which an honest boy suffers from the abuse of the drug of female conditioning, and the female degenerates into a lascivious female slave [Momoka]!


A diligent and upright student, Momochika Nishino, is planning to return home after her college entrance education.
But he was suddenly stopped by a senior student, Rika Sasumi.

[May I ask if you are interested in our club?]

Because of these words, Momojin visited the club with the intention of visiting a little.

At that time, Momojin did not know that this kind of behavior would completely distort his promising college life, and even his personality.

◆The promising college life that Momojin was looking forward to was ruthlessly shattered.
The girl’s body is being violated, played with, and drugged in female clothes, and his body is gradually becoming a [female] body that only lustfully seeks pleasure.
The body unknowingly eroded his heart, allowing him to be reborn as a lascivious female prostitute [Momoka].


◆ Nishino Momojin
A boy who has just entered university. He is hard-working and self-contained. He feels inferior to his petite physique and his childish face that can be mistaken for a ○○ student.

◆ Imai Hiroko
The most important thing is that you have a good understanding of the world. The girl is cheerful and straightforward. The girl has a secret love for Momojin.

◆ Rika Shusui
The girl is a former student of Momojin’s university. The first time he saw Momojin, he persuaded him to join his own club. The girl looks like a beautiful girl, but in fact

◆ Kato Yoshiki
The first time I saw him, he was in the same class as Rika. He is in the same grade as Rika. He is the director of the club to which Rika belongs and is also the mastermind of the molestation of Momoshin. He is the one who has completely destroyed Momoshin’s body and mind and turned him into a lecherous female.

[PLAY content]

The girl’s body is a little bit of a mess.
Anal sex, gangbang, vibrator stimulation under sire bondage, anal pulling bead training in front of a person’s top, dildo cross-grinding on both sides of a pseudonym, double-headed dragon rear cavity sex, fisting.
Mental feminization conditioning.

Basic CG 21 sheets.
This article contains 177 postscripts.


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