【Halaherin】J00 with a boyfriend, molested, raped, and corrupted…

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Title:J00 with a boyfriend, molested, raped, and corrupted…
Release date:2021/05/29
Genre:cuckold, Creampie, masturbation, molestation, Rape, Ejaculationinthemouth, DeepThroating, Bigtits/bigtits

A girl dreams of having a wonderful first experience with her boyfriend one day. It’s a great way to get to know the people in your area.

It’s a normal morning. A crowded train.
(Amazing people. A lot of men. I’m not very good with men, and I can’t say anything if I think they’re going to yell at me.)
A little depressed girl on a crowded train.
But as usual, you just have to distract yourself with your thoughts
It was supposed to be.

A sudden feeling of discomfort in the buttocks.
The first time you learn about sexual stimulation.
But that was only the beginning.

That night, the chimes of the girl’s house rang out.

-[Oh no, I’m going to be molested in this place by a pervert whose face I don’t even know] Climaxing on the train with a pervert’s finger
-[I remember he did this to me here]-[I remember masturbating in my room
-[My jaw is going to fall off] Deep Throating
-[Oh no! This is my first time! Don’t put it in me!] She lost her virginity despite her pleas.
-[No! Don’t put it in my mouth] irresponsible continuous Creampie

Basic CG:10 pictures
Story differences: 207 pages
JPEG/PDF with and without text: 4ver in total
Total number of pages:377


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