【Dogs and Cats】Ruffel Terra Repairman

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Title:Ruffel Terra Repairman
Maker:Dogs and Cats
Release date:2021/05/02
Genre:Femaleprotagonist, dot, heartwarming, fantasy

The Repairman of Ruffeltera is a repair crafting simulation game in which you complete large-scale repairs to a magical tower in the forest (a.k.a. the light blue tower).

Players take on the role of a tower mender and begin preparations for a major repair of the tower, which is said to happen once every 100 years.
Repairs require a great deal of materials and money.
First, hire adventurers to fetch materials from inside the tower.
You can earn money by delivering them, or you can spend it on repairs.

The main character is still a half-hearted mender, but as he completes renovation tasks, he will gradually gain experience.
You can use that wisdom to improve your adventuring skills and upgrade your repair tools.
It is important to work without fail.

Your explorations will be enhanced by the accessories, called orbs, you find in the places you explore, and by finding new maps of the tower’s interior.
You can create your own original map of the magical tower by using the magical wonders [alchemy].

Repairing the tower is a daunting task.
Explore and repair the tower efficiently, and one day, you will be able to restore the beautiful magic tower that is considered the symbol of the forest!


The Mellow Forest is located north of the maritime city of Ishwald.
Deep in that forest, a magical tower, commonly known as the [Light Blue Tower], has been erected.

It’s a tower that’s been around for a long time, but as you’d expect from an old tower, the exterior walls are now in shambles.
The mender [Meripisa], who is a member of the union [Ruffeltera] made up of the tower’s janitors
Seeing such a magical tower, I couldn’t stay and tried to repair it alone.

I will restore this tower to its original beauty.

The forest wizard, who had grown up with the tower, raked up the crumbling rubble of the outer wall one by one with a strong determination in his heart.


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