【Stupid Rotor】My boyfriend is an erotic slave of humans.

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Title:My boyfriend is an erotic slave of humans.
Maker:Stupid Rotor
Release date:2021/05/02
Genre:depression, lolita, Decadence/immorality/immorality, Cuckoldry, Humiliation, Forced/Forced, Rape, gangrape


This work is a sequel to the previous work [The former magical girl who became a traitor and the city of rape].
This story is a sequel to the previous one [A former magical girl who became a traitor and a city of rape].

This is a sequel to [City of Rape].
There will be multiple rod players, but basically one group.
There are multiple rod players, but basically one group takes the lead in humiliating the heroine.

Previously on

The heroine, Momo, is a former magical girl.
However, her true identity is discovered by a monster, and she is taken to a hideout where she is raped.
After that, she was given a rule not to defy the humans.
When the humans found out about this, they made Momo their sex slave.

This is the synopsis of the story.

This is the first time I’ve ever been to the beach.
The story is about a girl I like, Momo Takasaki.
I did something awful to Ms. Takasaki when I found out about it.

Still, for some reason, Ms. Takasaki was kind to me and said something to me.

[Hey, Tachibana-kun, why don’t you become my coibito?]

I liked Mr. Takasaki, and he knew it.

When the girl I love gets hurt, I feel hard.

That seemed to be a very special thing for Ms. Takasaki.

I’m sure you’re not the only one.
No one is connected by heart at all.

So, if you’re a person who finds it painful to be raped and
I was talking about wanting to connect with people who feel the pain of being raped with their hearts.
The only person who could do that was me, who loves Ms. Takasaki.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me.
My boyfriend was forced to have sex with someone else, as if it were a matter of course.

Even Takasaki-san doesn’t want to have sex with people she doesn’t really like.

So I want to stop having sex with anyone but me somehow.

I’m sure you’re not the only one.
But I didn’t want my body to be mine either.

The characters

A former magical girl, Momo is now treated like a sex slave by humans.
She has been interested in the boy Tachibana for a long time, and now they have become lovers.
I have a feeling that I want the boy to be hurt as much as I am.
He realizes that when he desires pleasure, a contradiction is born in the relationship.

Tachibana Boy A boy who has a crush on Momo.
He wants to stop Momo from being raped by humans.

Teachers A trio of teachers who rape Momo on a daily basis.
They are irritated by the boy’s interference.

People in the city. They aim to rape Momo whenever they can.

10 basic CG
315 diffs with text
181 diffs without text
Total 496 pictures


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