【Blue Percussion】Midnight Pridession: Heroine of Justice, Take the Bait

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Title:Midnight Pridession: Heroine of Justice, Take the Bait
Maker:Blue Percussion
Release date:2021/04/30
Genre:Tentacle, Bellypant, bizarre, Lyona

The heroine of justice is defeated by a monster in front of the boy she saved! A bizarre torture that lasts until the end of life.

The heroine’s desperate crisis is richly portrayed in Bourne’s 13th film.

This is the first time for the author to describe the bizarre blaming of the heroine with bleeding.
This is the first time for the author to depict a bizarre torture of the heroine with bleeding. The highlight of this work is the intense and dense visuals such as stomach punching, choking, physical penetration by tentacles, and gouging inside the body.
(Please view on a large monitor)

A young boy takes a walk in a park late at night, surrounded by silence. Suddenly, a monster he has never seen before appears in front of him.
When he is about to be eaten, the boy is saved by a mysterious girl in a cloak, Lurie.
After letting the boy escape, Lurie engages in a fierce battle with the monster, who she has a history with.

He was a boy who was worried about Lurie and was quietly watching the fight between them, but he

A beautiful girl is defeated by the monster, her soft body destroyed, blood splattering and screaming inaudibly.
He sees a spectacular scene of a beautiful girl being defeated by a monster, her soft body destroyed, blood splattering and screaming inaudibly, and her body being eaten.
The heroine’s belly and large breasts are repeatedly crushed, her body is pierced by tentacles, her neck is strangled, and her flesh is eaten by tentacles that have burrowed into her body.
A girl named Lurie, a monster who is trying to kill her, and a boy who starts to get mysteriously excited by the girl’s horrific appearance.
How did the three long nights end?

The story is about a young girl named Lurie, who finds herself in the middle of a long night.

Author Information

ミッドナイト・プリデイション 正義のヒロイン、餌になる [Blue Percussion(ブルー・パーカッション)]

Author name: Bourne
I started making and selling manga in earnest in 2018, after posting illustrations on pixiv since 2014.

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