【Fujizakura Works】Fujizakura Animation: Combatants Forced Botei Belly Tentacle Edition

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Title:Fujizakura Animation: Combatants Forced Botei Belly Tentacle Edition
Maker:Fujizakura Works
Release date:2021/04/23
Genre:Crosssection, animation, breastmilk, Restraint, Tentacle, oralejaculation, Bellybutton/Pregnantwoman

This work is a collection of MP4 animations created using Live2d.
This is a story about three fighters who are attacked by tentacles and become pregnant and fall into a state of pleasure.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a story with tentacles in it.

Size: 750×1000
-Full length animation
First half:5min 2sec (Foreplay – Tentacle Insertion – Pleasurable Fall)
Second half:3min 22sec (Huge breast and belly – same as above)
-Each scene is divided into small loop MP4:89
(Darkening scene – includes only text images in the introduction. As a bonus, it also includes expressionless diffs that are not in the main story)

The above contents are included for three people.

We have prepared the operation check version.
Please check if it works in your environment before making a purchase decision.


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