【Tokyo Mix】Satomi the Executioner – Death Match in Jail

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Title:Satomi the Executioner – Death Match in Jail
Maker:Tokyo Mix
Release date:2021/04/28
Genre:Fetish, Noreversals, maniac/pervert, Queen/princess, Martialarts, SM, Training, shame/embarrassment

Satomi the Executioner – Death Match in Prison

It’s the story of a man who is held captive in a prison that is renowned for its inescapability [Taiga Ito].

He was once imprisoned for the crime of encountering the scene of his wife’s affair and bludgeoning his interloper to death with his bare hands.
He has been in prison for a long time, but he is still bitter. After his release, he vows to take revenge on his ex-wife and plays the role of a good prisoner.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this movie.
He is given the chance to win a no-rules deathmatch.
The former mixed martial arts champ has a relaxed look on his face.

He handed me a pair of wrestling tights with a skull mark on the front.

And who was the opponent that appeared there…?

All 30 pages

A domination match set in a prison with relentless ball torture!
M Fighting – Mix Fight – A digital manga for wrestling fans!

Rastadon (Tokyo Mix)

Marisaki Kinoue


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