【Circle Hitori】Impregnation warrior maiden bag flare – All holes until the eggs run out and give birth to a monster!

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Title:Impregnation warrior maiden bag flare – All holes until the eggs run out and give birth to a monster!
Maker:Circle Hitori
Release date:2021/04/28
Genre:Pregnancy/Impregnation, childbirth, humiliation, gangrape, Scatology, Heterosexuality, depravity, expansion

A world where humans and demons continue to fight each other.
Freya was a human priestess, but one day she gained great power and immortality, and became a [war maiden].
This is a story about a young girl who is captured by the demon tribe.
In order to strengthen the demon army, the demon tribe tries to use the powerful Flare as a nursery to give birth to demon tribe.
When Flare learns that the strength of the demon race she gives birth to is proportional to the pleasure she feels, she tries to suppress her pleasure. —-

This is a CG collection of cross-species mass childbirth rape and humiliation.
15 basic CGs. 139 pages with differential dialogue – 123 pages without dialogue.
Selectable with or without ska elements and with or without deformation of genitals. Total of 4 versions.
PDFs included for each version.
You can also check the regular deformation from the trial version.

The play contents are

-Rape and give birth to orcs and goblins.
-Randomly gang-raped by zombies and suffering from severe venereal disease
-Anal sex with a dragon & vomiting semen reflux & giving birth to a dragon

—and more.

Of course it has a status screen and a second round mode!

And this work contains a text file that briefly explains the story and the content of the play for English-speaking people.


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