【Digital Twintail】Wonderland and Alice – Whispering Meth Kids and Pedophile Trials

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Title:Wonderland and Alice – Whispering Meth Kids and Pedophile Trials
Maker:Digital Twintail
Release date:2021/05/01
Genre:ASMR, Lolita, fantasy, ReverseRape, whispering, Blonde, “catsears", Tsurupeta

Special price description

I was able to create this work after receiving the Excellence Award in the [DL Channel 4th Anniversary Scenario Contest].
To show our appreciation to Athena-chan, we will be selling this work for 100 yen for one month, until May 31.
From June 1, the price will be 500 yen. We hope many people will take this opportunity to listen to it!


When you are taking a nap by the river, you are approached by Alice.

[Hello, dear. This is Alice. My dear.
What do I look like?] [

Alice continues to speak.

[The story of Wonderland is the story of Alice’s dream.
This is the story of a strange dream that the lovely Alice had.] [

Alice knew her story.
So who gets lost in Wonderland in this story?

[This is your world.
It’s you who will fall into the hole…] [

Alice, with a smile on her face, pushes you down into the entrance of Wonderland.

Thus begins a terrifyingly naughty story with no end in sight!

A cat attacks you, a hatter treats you like a pedophile, and a pedophile trial finally arrives.
Will you be able to prove your innocence?

不思議の国とアリス~囁くメスガキとロリコン裁判~ [デジタルツインテール]
不思議の国とアリス~囁くメスガキとロリコン裁判~ [デジタルツインテール]

Features of this work

In this work, Noah Hakogawa played as many as four characters.
The acting of each character is excellent, so please watch it.

We also focused on [whispering] in this work.
Please enjoy exploring with Alice, who has a buggy sense of distance.

Track List

-01 Meeting Alice (05:01)
Meet Alice and get dropped into a hole shortly after.

-02 Cheshire Cat’s Ecchi Endurance Game (11:51)
Your brain is raped with voices from both ears.

-03 The Hatter’s Pedophile Ruling (06:27)
A ruling with a fixed outcome, while being asked a meaningless question.
Alice plays a prank on me.

-04 pedophile trial eh (1225)
It’s time to face Alice to prove her innocence.
There’s no escaping the relentless pranks of Alice.

-05 End(01:43)


-Five tracks in total (MP3 320kbps), total playing time 37 minutes
-WAV format/left/right reversed version
-High-resolution image illustrations without logo, illustrations of proposed thumbnails for the work, and dead illustrations

CV : Mr. Noah Hakogawa/@hako_noah

Illustration, design : Nagitarasu/@Nagi_roa

Other : Iyo-kata/@iyo_kei

Sound effects : Mr. Dieblest, Various sound effects collection 100

We [Digital Twintail] will be informed by the account of (@iyo_kei).


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