【False God Realm】Kaitenki Hime Eira Den

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Title:Kaitenki Hime Eira Den
Maker:False God Realm
Release date:2021/04/29
Genre:MaleProtagonist, extraterrestrial/monstergirl, Fantasy, Pregnancy/Impregnation, Forced/Forced, Rape, Heterosexuality, Pregnantwoman


A world where gods, humans, and subhumans exist.
This is a story about a man who was born in a world where God, man, and subhuman exist.

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The story begins with an encounter between the two.

–This is the story of a man who, in a hellish world without salvation, still yearns to be a hero.

Game Outline

An ancient Japanese fantasy JRPG with an emphasis on story and battles, developed with an original worldview (based on Japanese mythology).
The main character is a young assassin, [Arei Tame], who throws himself into battle while saving the raped subhuman heroines.

Estimated playtime: about 8 hours
Number of CG for basic sex: 14
Number of endings: 1 (excluding the bad ending)

Latest version

Special note
-This work is produced by [RPG Tucool MV].
-If you are not sure about the operation, we recommend you to check the trial version.
-Please log in before purchasing, as updates may be made.
-This game is related to the free game [Kenzen Shinki Chubei Den], but you can also enjoy this game by itself.

Composition of the game

破天鬼姫永羅伝 [虚数神域]

The game consists of two parts: a novel part and a simple non-field exploration part, in which you fight against mobs and bosses.
In the exploration part, you will battle mobs and bosses.
In addition, there are no random encounters during exploration, and other than the forced mob battles (about 2-4 per stage) and boss battles, you are free to let them happen or run away.

Combat System

破天鬼姫永羅伝 [虚数神域]

本作では、一般的な「RPGツクールMV」製RPGとは異なるCombat Systemを採用しており、連続行動や敵の行動パターンの読みが重要となる、独特な戦略性を有するバトルとなっています。
This is a game that uses a different battle system from RPGs made by [Cool MV].

About sex scenes

破天鬼姫永羅伝 [虚数神域]

The sex scenes are unlocked by progressing through the story, losing in certain battles (this will be announced in advance), and increasing your likability.
The game is basically a straightforward game, so you don’t have to follow any special steps to collect all the sex scenes, and it’s easy to collect them all.
The main sex tendency is [cross-species impregnation rape (human man x subhuman girl or subhuman man x subhuman girl of a different species)], but there is also harmonious sex with the main character.
You can skip the sex scenes, so if it’s a situation you don’t want, you can skip it.
It also has a scene recall function.

Character introduction

  • Nagara-Arei
    The main character of this work.
    A young man who runs an assassin business, but rather than making money, his goal is to [relieve the anger of the weak].
    The main character of this story.

  • 破天鬼姫永羅伝 [虚数神域]

    The main heroine of this game.
    A girl who is an ogre, a type of subhuman, who was caught by a human subhuman hunter when she was running away from her hometown and lost her virginity and one of her horns.
    She is full of anger towards humanity, and is very aggressive.
    She is a she, and is prejudiced against humans.

  • 破天鬼姫永羅伝 [虚数神域]

    Ayane Suigetsu (Suigetsu-Ayane)
    The main heroine(2) of this work.
    A girl of the dragon tribe, a type of subhuman, who calls herself [big sister].
    She is a girl from the dragon tribe, a type of subhuman, and calls herself [big sister]. She once met Aeowei when he was still a boy, and they traveled together. She is a young girl of the dragon race and calls herself [sister].
    He is the most warm-hearted of them all.

  • 破天鬼姫永羅伝 [虚数神域]

    Kano Haganeyama
    The daughter of a nobleman who controls the country of subhumans. She is a beast of a cat, a type of subhuman.
    In spite of his position, he is somehow involved in the dangerous activity of peddling.

    This is a story about a young woman who is in love with a man.
    She is a hard worker, but a slacker who cries easily.


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