【coconut dealer 】Sakimyon Abstinence 2: Scatological Engulfment

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Title:Sakimyon Abstinence 2: Scatological Engulfment

Maker:coconut dealer

Release date:2021/04/23
Genre:Cross-sectionalview\r\n, TohoProject\r\n, intravaginal(anal, etc.)ejaculation\r\n, insult\r\n, (givingan)enema\r\n, MultiplePlay/Orgy\r\n, Forced/Forced\r\n, scatology\r\n

Escalating twisted relationships.

This is a continuation of the Sakimyon forbidden scatology chapter.

An unrelated girl gets caught up in the scatological play between Youmu and Sakuya and becomes a bag of shit.

This is the 46-page version of the 44-page adult book distributed at Red Square 18 in 2020, with two additional pages.

An extra color illustration of Remifla is included in the if folder, separate from the main story. (61 illustrations including differences)

There is a description of forced defecation, so please be careful.


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