【Three Days of Mizunashi】The disease that kills you if you don’t have sex 4 – Pandemic Ward

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Title:The disease that kills you if you don’t have sex 4 – Pandemic Ward
Maker:Three Days of Mizunashi
Release date:2021/05/01
Genre:Decadence/Immorality/Immorality, Cuckoldry, Titillation, “MothersMilk", Restraint, MultiplePlay/Orgy, Rape, BigTits

This is the fourth installment of a dystopian fornication story about people with a disease that will kill them if they don’t have sex.


This is a continuation of the previous story, “The Disease That Kills If You Don’t Have Sex".

The near future with a very low birthrate and aging population worldwide.

There, a strange disease has been occurring.

A strange disease that will kill you if you don’t have sex within 30 minutes of onset

The official name – [disease that will kill you if you don’t have sex] is

It was also called [unattractive disease] because it tends to occur mainly in unattractive men.

It is a disease that will kill you if you don’t have sex.

You have to meet all of their sexual needs.

No matter who it is or what the situation is.

There is only one way to cure this disease, and that is to get pregnant.

This time, in a general ward, a group of male patients developed the disease, and nurses and female doctors were preyed upon by the patients.
In an enclosed space, the nurses’ job is to save lives, and there’s nowhere to run.

It is said that this disease was caused by the survival instinct of human beings to preserve the species.
We don’t know for sure yet.

What we play, what we do, and who we are.

-Sucking, tongue kissing, face licking, armpit licking, and other fondling.

-Breast sucking, face licking, armpit licking, etc.
Restraint play, impregnation, pregnancy rape, etc.

-Nurses, female doctors, pharmacists

-near future dystopian fornication (giving up due to mandatory sex, expressionless, unresponsive sex)

-Cuckold elements

-There are about 56 pages of wet scenes

-The third part of the previous story is the fourth part of this one.

-jpeg1200x1600 (some 2400×1600)

-full color comics

-66 pages


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