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[Ranking]24 Hours:#7
Title:[Forced Pure Love] [Forced Pure Love] [Forced Pure Love] [Forced Pure Love] [Forced Pure Love
Maker:Mopu Mopu Laboratory
Release date:2021/05/01
Genre:Continuousclimax, Lolita, invitation, lovey-dovey, Creampie, Training

【強制純愛】生イキ双子ロリメイドメスガキ分からせ調教 [もぷもぷ実験室]

Would you like to have two loli maids as your girlfriends?

They may lick you and agitate you at first.
They may take advantage of your weaknesses and make you feel humiliated.
I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that works for you.
If you’re looking for the best way to get your hands on a pair of shoes, then you’re in the right place.

Character Introduction – Content (Before & After)

【強制純愛】生イキ双子ロリメイドメスガキ分からせ調教 [もぷもぷ実験室]

Points to consider

【強制純愛】生イキ双子ロリメイドメスガキ分からせ調教 [もぷもぷ実験室]

How to use this site

This is the best way to get the most out of your sex life.
She twitches her body with a straight face and holds back from really coming, then loses it in a hapless way or stops short.

I’d like to see any cute girl, no matter how cute, have zero room for error when she’s one step away from defeat.
This wheeze was born from such a wish.

In this work, two female kids are simultaneously climaxing or holding back in a half-width katakana wheeze.

…a vulgar, guttural, screeching guttural voice.

The neat oho voice that quietly leaks out, it’s all there in the work!

overwhelming – agitated female child

A maid raised in a greenhouse (CV: Usagi Ririmu) who doesn’t know the fear of adults. This is the attitude of a maid (CV: Ririmu Usagi) who grew up in a greenhouse and doesn’t know the fear of adults.

It only takes three seconds of listening to their voices to realize, “These are the only ones we must make sure they understand.

This work also has a long part of being agitated (tormented).

This is because I think you can feel the joy of letting someone understand you only after you have really frustrated them.

Forced Pure Love

Forced girlfriending as a condition of [avoiding Nakadashi] -> pure love.
It’s a great way to get the most out of your wedding.
You can literally play with your pussy all you want and use it up.

This is a site that offers a wide range of services, from the traditional threesome to fixed vibrator porn.


00 Prologue [03:04].

01 Graduation of virginity [20:57].
(masturbation / panting / panting / false panting / false impregnation / petting)

This is a video of a man masturbating and giving himself a masturbation job while being agitated by twins.
Every time Mio instigates me to rub my hips on the masturbator, Miai agitates me with false panting.
Ejaculate miserably, feeling like you are making Mi Ai understand.

Finish: masturbation

■02 observation of pan impregnation masturbation [17:34].
(panty masturbation / short stop / reply by tail / unreasonable discipline)

You will be disciplined as the twin’s pet while being made to masturbate with Mio’s panties.
Pets are not allowed to speak human language, so they talk with their tails (penis).
Let’s ejaculate in silence and misery, regretting, “These guys…I’ll definitely make them understand …… one day.


↑↑↑Up↑up↑up before I make you understand

03 Reversal: Confession coercion 3P raw sex [20:01].
(inserting raw fuck x2 / breaking x2 / impatience / declaration of defeat / spanking /)
(forced confession in exchange for going out/forced masturbation in exchange for going out)
Nakadashi x2 / Oho voice ◎)

After scaring her a little, you can poke her pussy with a stick to make her understand, and she will fall right in.

Take out all of your frustrations on the wobbly pussy, relentlessly and thoroughly.

The only thing she really doesn’t want is to be fucked in the mouth.
Get her to be your girlfriend or something as a condition to avoid Creampie.

Finish: 2 Creampie

↓↓↓↓↓ After you let her know ↓↓↓↓↓

04. pussy masturbation training with impregnation avoidance challenge [23:05].

(inviting/crab thigh masturbation/foot pin masturbation/
(Cooperative short-circuit masturbation / failing to hold back / pretending not to come /)
(Spanking/raw penetration masturbation x2/intercourse x2/)
voice endurance/oho voice◎)

This is the part where the submissive twins ask you out with a cocky attitude, and you train them as you wish.
Let them perform mutual cooperative masturbation to avoid Creampie.
This is the part where you have to make her come without permission and then lie and say she didn’t come.
Finish: 2 Creampie

05 J00 Pussy Abuse Delivery [16:35].
(Delivery / Spachaaaaume / Forced Iki Patience / Sky Iki /)
Voice endurance Oho voice / neat and vulgar Oho voice /.

fixed vibrator rabbit jumping / a0r pearl / continuous climax / leave it / broken panting)

I make a fortune by letting my fully trained twins deliver porn.
Specifically, the following training results
-Mia: I’ve been practicing coming with voice patience for so long that I’ve come too soon.
-Mio: I’ve been practicing coming so much that I can’t come even if I wanted to.
I’m going to play with it.
The twins both pant relatively quietly on this track only. This is the producer’s top recommendation.
There are no painful elements.
Finish: optional (the moment when the twins break is recommended)

Epilogue [01:30].

Total playing time: about 1 hour 42 minutes 46 seconds

+Extras:Free talk after recording

Format, credits


-All binaural recordings
-File format
– wav(48kHz/24bit)、mp3(256kbps)
– diff without SE
-Package illustration included


– 兎月りりむ。様 https://twitter.com/lilim404

– オダダダダッ様 https://twitter.com/OdadadadaTT

Sound effects
– Mr. Mijinko Materials
– ディーブルスト 様「色んなSound effects集100」
– OtoLogic
– Clown Possessed by the Moon

– もぷもぷ実験室 https://twitter.com/mopumopulab

In the Mopu Mopu Laboratory
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The left side of the picture shows Miai’s legs open when she comes.
Mio (right) closes and stretches her legs when she comes.


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