【Aien Kien】[25% off for a limited time!] Preschooler Boku to Boku no Mama – Ex-Yan Gal no Azusa Mama – x Daberouya

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Title:[25% off for a limited time!] Preschooler Boku to Boku no Mama – Ex-Yan Gal no Azusa Mama – x Daberouya
Maker:Aien Kien
Release date:2021/04/30
Genre:healing, binaural/damihe, ASMR, Shota, Mother, lovey-dovey/slutty

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【期間限定25%OFF!!】園児のボクとボクのママ~元ヤンギャルのあずさママ~×だべろうや [逢縁喜縁]

A 20% off coupon is available for all previous Aien Kien titles, as well as the Miharu Mama title scheduled for release on Tuesday, May 4.
25% off for 28 days only.

This work, the counterpart to [Azusa Mama] played by Kaede Akino, will be released on Tuesday, May 4.
Miharu’s mom, played by Narumi Aisaka.

She is a so-called “mommy friend" and has been a friend since before she had children.
It will be released on Tuesday, May 4th.
Please enjoy the different kinds of mommy feeling of the two of us.

The theme of the work is [healing][daily life][peace of mind].

As my mind is worn out by daily life.
What your heart really wants is not an outlet for your sexual desires, but a place to
What the heart really wants is not an outlet for its sexual desires, but a daily life of pure, unadorned love.

I want a normal, kind, mom.

This is an all-ages work, a rarity for Aien Kien so far.
It’s not the same as the healing you get when you grow up and pay money for it.
This is a work that I wanted to convey “being loved on a daily basis," which is allowed to be enjoyed and rather deserved!

Therefore, there are no “so-called audio work" scenes such as “ear scratching" or “massage," which are common in audio works.

I focused on [things I do every day] and tried to give an unpretentious performance.

This is a work that should be listened to by anyone who gets tired easily or who doesn’t love themselves.

[You are loved] [You can enjoy the happiness that is given to you].
[You can give up all your obligations and cling to your mom, you can be spoiled.]

That’s how I feel.
It’s not [mommy play audio], it’s [grueling parenting audio].

This is a story about a slightly mischievous mom [Azusa mom] who is life-size with her child, with a CV by Kaede Akino.
This is a story about a slightly mischievous, life-size mom [Azusa mom] with a child.

Azusa Mama and Miharu Mama

【期間限定25%OFF!!】園児のボクとボクのママ~元ヤンギャルのあずさママ~×だべろうや [逢縁喜縁]

This is the first time I’ve seen the two of them together.
These two have been friends since their school days.
They got married and had a baby at the same time, and their children go to the same nursery school.
We are still good friends and understanding mothers.

Track description

Track(1)[Welcome back].
-Kindergarten bus ride home
-handwashing support
-Kindergarten stories
-Dinner preparations

Track (2)[What’s for dinner today?]
-Mom is making dinner.
-Kids help with things like getting vegetables out of the fridge
-eating rice
-Don’t be a picky eater

Track (3)[Toothpaste and Toilet].
-Homemade Toothpaste Support
-Toilet Training

Track(4)[Let’s play together].
-Train toys

Track(5)[Clean clean clean].
-bath Wash your head -body
-counting songs
-Wipe your body and change your clothes until you are ready

-Goodnight giggles
-Yes, yes, yes, thump, thump

★+☆+★[ play time/credits]★+☆+★

★+☆+★[Play time]★+☆+★

[full story]

01 10:33
02 14:13
03 07:47
04 8:10
05 23:04
06 18:03

1 hour 22 minutes

[Daberouya FT]

FT0.0 24:34
FT0.5 6:47
FT2.5 11:30
FT3.5 41.43
FT4.5 29:09

1 hour 54 minutes

Total play time 3 hours 16 minutes

声優、シナリオ :秋野かえで 様 https://twitter.com/akinokaedevo
イラスト :国家飯 様 https://twitter.com/kokkahan
ロゴ :しお_334 様 https://twitter.com/sio4_34
作品監修 :逢坂成美 https://twitter.com/narumiaisaka
音声編集協力:Q様 https://twitter.com/there_is_Q
サークル : 逢縁喜縁 https://twitter.com/aienkiencircle


This work is a binaural work, recorded with a dummy head microphone.
Please use earphone or headphone to enjoy it more.
No part of this work may be reproduced, reprinted, uploaded, sold, or rented without permission.

★+☆+★[ Included files]★+☆+★

Audio File

Main story 01,02,03,04,05,06(wave/mp3)
Daberouya 00, 05, 25, 35, 45(wave/mp3)
sample 035 excerpt, 045 excerpt, sample (wave)
Miharuma sample1, sample2 (wave)

Cover illustration without logo (jpeg)
Cover illustration with logo(jpeg)
cover illustration high quality version(jpeg)
Caution for using coupon(jpeg)
Miharumama 300300(jpeg)

Text file


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