【Oloriya Pencil Hall】Would you like to be trained?

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Title:Would you like to be trained?
Maker:Oloriya Pencil Hall
Release date:2021/04/21
Genre:lolita, training, exposure, ReverseRape, Maleacceptance, Twintails

You are a 0 student masochistic dog ♪

Saki-chan is a charismatic student of the 0×0 school, and her latest pleasure is to train her dominant uncle Rokkon.
Uncle Rokkon, who was caught by Saki-chan, is waiting for Saki-chan again today, naked in an abandoned building.

The uncle, who was completely trained by Saki, put on Saki’s dirty pants and took her dick.

I’ve become a masochistic dog that comes just by flicking it.

She will listen to anything Saki-chan says, but sometimes she gets out of control.

Saki can’t help but think he’s cute, and she does her best to tame him today.

“If you pee white before you come, you’re out of here.

The cover and afterword are 22 pages long. The manga itself is 18 pages.


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