【Bearded lion dance】The sweet torture of a possessed whore

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Title:The sweet torture of a possessed whore
Maker:Bearded lion dance
Release date:2021/04/20
Genre:Noreversals, tits, succubus/whore, Sextricks, HandJob, groping, Fellatio, ReverseRape

A brave man is possessed by a whore! Don’t pass the semen!

~This is the first time I’ve seen it.
There was once a lecherous demon that the humans defeated in a desperate battle.
Ostensibly, the whore was extinguished. But her soul survived.

The soul wandered through this world and possessed a man.
Delicious and to my liking, to one brave man: ……………

-Track 1: Hand Job (10:23)
When I woke up, I was possessed by a whore! He’s trying to steal your semen.

-Track 2: Blowjob (8:41)
A brave man who is possessed by a lecherous demon goes to a place alone. It’s not a holy society, but an unpopular forest.

-Track 3: Thigh Job(12:13)
It feels good. It feels good. I can’t help it, I can’t help it. It feels too good.

-Track 4: Paizuri (11:02)
At last, the whore is back. And yet, it’s no good.

This is the first time I’ve done this. Super clean!
I’ve included sound effects and no sound effects.

Illustration by Mizuki Amemiya

Sound: Ms. Masaki Sakura

Lion Dance with Mustache


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