【Teyesuya】The story of a chaste, feminine sex worker who is embraced by an old man.

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Title:The story of a chaste, feminine sex worker who is embraced by an old man.
Release date:2021/04/21
Genre:firstexperience, feminization, sexchange(TS), Sex/soap, Creampie, humiliation, Fellatio, Bigtits/bigtits

A sex worker after a woman’s body—.

What is the end result of a man who became a prostitute after becoming a woman?

The main character is an ordinary man who is dating a woman named Ririka.
It’s a great way to get to know the people in your life.
The main character falls into loneliness because his best friend, girlfriend, and even his parents don’t believe that he is a woman.
He begins his journey as a sex worker in order to survive.
As the source name [Ririka] —.

The main character endures bullying and sexual harassment, sucks several dicks, and struggles to survive—.
The only pride he has left is that he’s protecting the chastity of women’s bodies.

But then, the evil hand of lewdness creeps into his life…!

Dropped into the abyss of pleasure by the hands of a shabby old man.

He’s taken away the chastity that he’s been protecting for two years. ——

This is a CG collection of such feminized prostitutes who have completely fallen off their dicks!

This is a collection of 14 basic CGs and 182 pages of main story.

Image size is 1250×1800.
Images without dialogue and PDF files are also included.

Introduction to the characters

  • 女体化風俗~貞操を守る女体化風俗嬢がOld man.に抱かれる話 [ていえす屋]

    Lyrica (main character)
    A boy who was suddenly transformed into a woman one day.
    She has no choice but to become a sex worker in order to survive.
    He is now the number one sex worker in the store.
    She has sucked more than 1,000 dicks in her life.
    She is a virgin.
    Lyrica is her first name.

  • 女体化風俗~貞操を守る女体化風俗嬢がOld man.に抱かれる話 [ていえす屋]

    Lyrica (ex-girlfriend)
    The protagonist’s ex-girlfriend.
    The girl who didn’t believe her boyfriend, who turned into a woman, was who he said he was.

  • 女体化風俗~貞操を守る女体化風俗嬢がOld man.に抱かれる話 [ていえす屋]

    Old man.
    A customer who comes to the feminized brothel where the protagonist works.
    He has a long, hard, thick dick.

    The main character is tossed around with extraordinary sexual skills.
    He is a vaginal ejaculator.


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