【Heartfelt Sound Shop】[ear scratching – grooming – lullaby] Yaooro Hot Spring Resort – Nekoro the Cat God’s healthy and thoughtful pampering service – [CV Rena Ueda].

[Ranking]24 Hours:#21
Title:[ear scratching – grooming – lullaby] Yaooro Hot Spring Resort – Nekoro the Cat God’s healthy and thoughtful pampering service – [CV Rena Ueda].
Maker:Heartfelt Sound Shop
Release date:2021/05/01
Genre:Healing, binaural/damihe, ASMR, ForeignGirl/MonsterGirl, Kimono/Kifuku, Earbuds, whispering, catnip


Nekogami Nekoro [CV:Rena Ueda].

This is the first work of [Kokorozukushi Otoya], which pursues healing through voice.
This work provides the highest level of healing with [harmony], [cat], and [cuteness] in [hot spring resort].

The audio recording and sound production is done by G-angle, which has produced ASMR for many commercial works.
Foley Sound’s sound director personally creates realistic and pleasant sounds by hand, one by one, to harmonize with the scene and characters.


The story takes place in a desolate hot spring village.
The story takes place in a desolate hot spring resort, where you wander through a torii gate that seems to have been forgotten in the mountains, and an old inn suddenly appears.
It is an inn where gods whose power has weakened and who can no longer stay in their own shrines gather.
You are the chosen one of the higher gods.
By healing and saving you, the gods can regain their power and return to their shrines.
Thus begins the reception by the eight million gods.

[Main ASMR sound].

-carbonated water
-Brahma, earwig (right ear – left ear)
-Shoulder massage, back massage
-Soap scraping, lathering
-The sound of cutting pears
-Shower, shampoo, head massage
-breath of the cat god
-Grooming the cat god
-Cat God snuggling
-Cat God’s Lullaby
-Cat God’s Kiss

[main ambient sound]

-Sound of the River
-The sound of insects
-The sound of a bell
-The sound of the hearth
-The twittering of birds
-The croaking of a frog
-The sound of a hot spring
-wind chimes
-the sound of rain

Includes a bonus track of soothing voices of flirting with Nekoro that can be used in everyday life!

Character Introduction: Nekkoro Nekogami (CV: Rena Ueda)

【耳かき・毛繕い・子守歌】やおよろ温泉郷 ~猫神ねころの健気で思いっきり甘えさせてくれるご奉仕~【CV.上田麗奈】 [心づくし音屋]

The cat goddess. She has a calm personality and speaks in a mature manner, despite her appearance.
She is single-minded and has a very strong sense of loyalty to her Lord, but she is vulnerable to unexpected events.
He loves to have his throat stroked.
He loves the Lord and wants to go straight for the cat as soon as he sees him.
I’m a serious person, so I can’t help it.


  • Welcome to Yaooro Hot Spring Resort – Hospitality with Soda Water
  • Ear scratching with a lap pillow (right ear)
  • Ear scratching with a lap pillow (left ear)
  • Gentle shoulder and back massage
  • Shampooing, head massage and grooming in a hot spring
  • Cool evening on the porch with pears as a snack
  • Snuggling in a futon and singing a lullaby (or kissing someone goodnight)
  • Epilogue. Knee pillow for Jeesh in the park

My obsession with sound

【耳かき・毛繕い・子守歌】やおよろ温泉郷 ~猫神ねころの健気で思いっきり甘えさせてくれるご奉仕~【CV.上田麗奈】 [心づくし音屋]

The KU-100 is the most famous binaural mic, but the one I used this time is a special edition [SAMREC] binaural mic with a custom built-in mic and ear parts.

By using the customized [SAMREC], we were able to record with high sensitivity, high resolution, and high sound quality. This makes it possible to express the thrilling sound of ASMR and the natural presence of the characters.

It also excels in expressing a sense of realism in terms of depth and elevation, and we took great care in recording by changing the height of the microphone and asking the performer to bend over, depending on the scene.

The sound director of Foley Sound considers the overall balance of the work and creates realistic and pleasant sounds one by one.


[Produced by]

Post World
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御影瑛路[Post World]
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Cole Slowey
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[Sound recording – sound production].

G-angle Inc.
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